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PC-FX is a 32-bit home video game console by NEC Home Electronics released in Japan on December 23, 1994.

Emulator Rom Folder Extensions BIOS Controller Config
lr-beetle-pcfx pcfx .img .iso .ccd .cue pcfx.rom /opt/retropie/configs/pcfx/retroarch.cfg

Emulator: lr-beetle-pcfx

NOTE: this emulator is experimental and suffers from slowness and sound shuttering. Probably won't be coming out of experimental any time soon. It can be installed from the experimental menu of the RetroPie-Setup Script.


Place your PC-FX ROMs in



The BIOS file is named pcfx.rom (all in lower-case)

Place pcfx.rom in

md5sum CRC32
08e36edbea28a017f79f8d4f7ff9b6d7 76ffb97a

How do I calculate the md5sum or CRC32 of a BIOS file?


lr-beetle-pcfx utilise Retroarch configurations

Add custom retroarch controls to the retroarch.cfg file in


For more information on custom RetroArch controls see: RetroArch Configuration


It is important that the image file (usually .bin) and the CUE file (.cue) match.

CUE files are just text files containing a description of the CD. If you have files named like:

Chip Chan Kick.bin
Chip Chan Kick.cue

then ensure the first line of the CUE file contains:

FILE "Chip Chan Kick.bin" BINARY

Additional Documentation

Mednafen PC-FX Documentation