@DjGenEsIs Personally, I just use lr-fbalpha as my primary arcade emulator for the latest and sometimes better/faster emulation (compared to outdated emulators), with lr-mame2003plus and lr-mame2010 as my secondary emulators.

I can't say if all the games I'm running in lr-fbalpha are at full speed or have better emulation than what I might get in one of my secondaries, but I at least gave them a first pass and didn't notice any slowdown or problems, with the bonus of not having to put too much time into testing.

Here's my spreadsheet listing the games I've tested, though lack of a closely inspected second pass for the FBA ones does mean the list is deeply flawed.

Still, if I could, I'd use the latest libretro MAME. Just don't have the power for that on a Pi.