@mitu said in Snes9x2010 No video, Audio only: /dev/shm/runcommand.log I know what happened now. Considering I just moved back. I had it originally hooked up to a PC LCD monitor, that's must of triggered incorrect video input. I removed current state video settings and chose default retropie settings. I'm HAPPY Now, thank you. Currently using an HDTV. I want to update to Stretch, but going to wait a few more months. I already heard about people trying update to Stretch and causing a bit of mess. I will talk about the neogeo video issue soon when I get better. Overall neogeo works, but very picky what's going on, it just scrolls awkward, just imagine a tray of domino square pieces moving from left to right. I did choose to enable "Verbose logging" like you said and nothing really happened no video signal message that tv usually says. If you guys want this post deleted just Yes or No