I was somewhat deceptive in my question gathering as I think this is entirely unrelated to the sixaxishelper, as I haven't actually gotten to use the wii controller until now.

I have tried removing and syncing the devices from bluetooth config menu and also bluetoothctlthey sync just fine.

/proc/bus/input/devices lots of things.
Logitech* AnywhereMX & K350 & K400
Sony Playstation(r)3* Controller & Motion Sensors
Nintendo Wii Remote* Accelerometer & IR & _Remote & Motion Plus (lists 4 inputs)

So my question could have been is the Wii Motion Plus incompatible? I searched the forums but I ignored that they go on and on without answers.
It syncs fine, and the jstest buttons respond, it is some mapping overlay, but also there is this Traceback in joy2key. It is very close to working. But very close could be miles, underground.

I have a hundred tabs open and a link to this was broken, will go here https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/Wiimote-Controller
and hopefully it will work.