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White flash

  • Hi,

    I have created a theme which has 3 extra elements (79kb, 29kb, 8kb). I'm running 9 systems with the latest retropie build.

    When scrolling and changing to game view, I get a white flash and then things appear, doesn't happen all the time but mostly does.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this? or is it built within retropie itself? Is it the extra image elements I'm using? The image that is 29kb is at 1920x1080px, does that make a difference?

    :Latest Retropie build
    :Raspberry Pi 3
    :9 Systems

    Thanks in advance, its driving me nuts! :)

  • Without seeing the .xml, knowing which fileformat for the elements you use it's hard to tell whats wrong.

    Did you use the fade or the scroll effect? I think set to scroll in the UI menu>transition style could help ;-)

  • What version of RetroPie are you using?

  • Hi guys, thanks for the replies...

    @funkybunch I'm using .png files for the image elements, using the scroll effect (my personal choice) mainly but I noticed slightly that it does it on fade also (although not as noticeable).....

    @itsnitro running RetroPie 4.2.3

  • Update: I've just tried it with 3 systems and it still flashes white so I can cancel that out.

  • Update: FOUND IT! - its the background image at 1920x1080. even though it only 30kb in size, the actual size of it is making it flash. I changed the size of the image to 960x540 and the white flash is no more! Hope this helps

  • @paffley what is the resolution of your tv/monitor? You might want to try 1280x720 since this is a standard HD resolution. I would think it would perform well for you and most setups.

  • hi @TMNTturtlguy I'm running the pi on a 49" TV 4K.....I'm going to create individual elements and scrap the 1920x1080 image, its no bother, I'll do it in no time.....I'll just create a separate xml and include that with the default elements.

    I know one has already been done but I'm creating a kind of classic mini theme based on the famicon with video snaps/gameplay snaps aswell as scraped boxart......and using the new transparent 'white bar' in the systems menu (which is awesome by the way!), got about 15 systems complete up to now (mainly game consoles) :)

  • I'm just waiting on the 'mute' function for the videos so I can have music playing in the background.

    Also wanting to know if there is anyway I can edit the 'XXX GAMES AVAILABLE' text to just include the 'XXX' so I can place it in those pixel circles you can see underneath the console, I thought that would be cool :) that possible ya know of? in ES config somewhere?

  • @paffley im loving this theme. Cant wait for a release.

  • @paffley of course .png is the better choice, but in my opinion sometimes emulationstation had trouble with .png files. especially with large sizes (i mean resolution, not filesize). A background for example will work better as .jpg

    please correct me if i wrong, but i think emulationstation is not further developed. Unfortunately retropie, recalbox... uses it as frontend. It's simple, but not perfect. i hope there will be a better solution in near future.

  • Thanks @funkybunch great info as always :)

    I beat the 'white flash' anyhow.....I just created extra image elements and resized the png bg to 1280x720 (luckily it was a pixel background) and it works flawlessly now :)

    Thanks for the heads up on ES, I might start a new topic regarding the change of language in ES (xxx games available).

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