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Macintosh Retropie emulation

  • @edmaul69 so odd thing happened.

    I decided to do what others have mentioned on the web about moving the app to the desktop, and though it didn't make sense in my situation i thought, i did it anyway.
    well here is what i did.

    1. moved main app icon to desktop. attempted to open, and save and start up. FAILED
    2. moved main app icon back to root folder, attempted to open, save and start, FAILED
    3. SAME as #2 above, but i for some reason decided to look in the menu drop down of basilisk for FILE and saw save and start so i decided to hit save, and then hit start and BAM!!! it opened and ran!!

    so i don't know why, i don't know how but it seems that the actual start and save in the window were not working vs doing it from the file drop down window!

    super super super weird and glad i decided to go further

  • This post is deleted!

  • @edmaul69 so now that i actually have this up and running on my actual mac. what would i do next to move this over to a PI via the Macintosh emulator on there (which is already present on the pi with a Start option)

    thanks again or the help!

  • @briandamico can you ftp into the pi and tell me the contents of the file that is in


  • @edmaul69 thats the exact location as you just posted

  • @briandamico can you open up the file thats there and tell me what it says inside it.

  • @edmaul69 just opened it. its a txt file and it was empty!! not a single piece of text inside it

  • @briandamico what is the name of your rom and your image file including the file extensions. Tell me that and i can tell you what to put in it.

  • @briandamico i just realised, it is supposed to be blank. I still need to know those names because you need to edit two other files.

  • @edmaul69 ok. well its no longer an image as its running on basilisk on my mac.
    i assume i now need the original .img file or is what i have done via the mac app for basilisk going to be good enough to move over to the pie?

    the files are as follows

    MacOS-753 is the image/OS (a 1gb txt edit file representing the OS)
    and i have a few roms


  • @briandamico ok put the files in you macintosh roms folder. you dont need the performa rom. but you can put it there still if you want. now open up /opt/retropie/configs/macintosh/emulators.cfg and replace the info with this:

    basilisk = "/opt/retropie/emulators/basilisk/bin/BasiliskII --rom /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/macintosh/QUAD650.rom --disk /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/macintosh/MacOS-753 --extfs /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/macintosh --config /opt/retropie/configs/macintosh/basiliskii.cfg"
    default = "basilisk"

    this also is set up so you have your macintosh roms folder as an external drive. so any new files you want to add, just dump them in there. now open up /opt/retropie/configs/macintosh/basiliskii.cfg and replace its entire contents with this:

    extfs /
    seriala /dev/ttyS0
    serialb /dev/ttyS1
    udptunnel false
    udpport 6066
    bootdrive 0
    bootdriver -62
    ramsize 268435456
    frameskip 2
    modelid 14
    cpu 4
    fpu true
    nocdrom false
    nosound false
    noclipconversion false
    nogui false
    jit true
    jitfpu false
    jitdebug false
    jitcachesize 8192
    jitlazyflush true
    jitinline true
    keyboardtype 5
    keycodes false
    mousewheelmode 1
    mousewheellines 3
    dsp /dev/dsp
    mixer /dev/mixer
    ignoresegv true
    idlewait true
    ether slirp

    now you should be good to go. these configs here also give you 256mb of ram.

  • @edmaul69 thank you!
    well i have the files moved over successfully but i am having issues replacing the text in the cfg file.
    i cannot just edit in cyberduck and i used terminal to access the file, which was actually blank, or maybe it is blank now, but still, cannot save the changed in terminal as it gives me an error upon hitting enter and says no such file or directory

  • @edmaul69 ok fixed first part, i didn't have the / before opt/
    it had to be /opt/

    stupid mistake.ok I'm gonna keep going and see how i make out

  • @edmaul69 ok its all done to a T
    everything you said to do is done.

    now the result, doesn't work lol.

    i rebooted, went to the emulator on the pi, hit start, and it just bounces back to the emulator .

  • @edmaul69 here is what the roms folder looks like incase u wanna see it

    [URL=][IMG] Shot 2017-05-13 at 1.33.26 PM.png[/IMG][/URL]

  • @edmaul69 Hey Ed
    sorry for all the replies.
    just keeping you in the loop

    i wanted to shed some light on something that i discovered to happen.

    Once i successfully got the 1gb file that was my macOS-753 in the rom folder i was no longer able to load ANY games what so ever on ANY emulator

    and i already erased my sd and restored from a back up to start from scratch and without doing the cfg files yet, i just moved stuff to the rom folder, and then since cyberduck would let me drag and drop the macos-753 over, i used my usb stick to do it, and once it got over there, not one game would open. just bounces back to the games list.

    very very very odd.

    with the other rom files in there its fine, but its the os file that seems to be the problem

  • @briandamico rename the os to "mac.img".(all lowercase) Then edit the emulators.cfg file so it is called mac.img (all lowercase) in there too. See if that helps you any.

  • @edmaul69 just to be clear
    this is no.img in the text you wrote
    it was originally just MacOS-753 with no .img after it

    so I'm just putting mac instead of MacOS-753

  • @edmaul69 didn't work :(

  • @briandamico you can put .img. It doesnt care. Can you post a pic of your files in your macintosh folder and pics of the contentents of your emulators.cfg file?

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