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What controller do you use?

  • @Ranma I have both the wired and wireless VX2s, and for the price there's simply nothing to touch them, especially if you're emulating the PS1.

    For arcade stuff I use a Mayflash F300 modded with Sanwa buttons and stick.

  • @spagbol Are the buttons and stick easy to replace? Also why did you mod it?

  • @Brigane i could imagine that he wanted to replace the buttons against better ones.
    Quit a lot of people do that.
    But there are two religions concerning arcade-modders: sanwa or happ?
    I am a happ-guy ☺

  • @sirhenrythe5th

    But there are two religions concerning arcade-modders: sanwa or happ?

    What about Seimitsu? ;-)

  • @backstander got me!!! 😂😂👍

  • I'll be using the 8bitdo zero. Yes it's very small, but it's perfectly fine for this kind of project. I thought it'd compliment the pi zero case nicely.

    I can't justify £25 for a bigger bluetooth controller when I can get this bluetooth one for £6

  • @jay81uk said in What controller do you use?:

    I'll be using the 8bitdo zero. Yes it's very small, but it's perfectly fine for this kind of project. I thought it'd compliment the pi zero case nicely.

    I can't justify £25 for a bigger bluetooth controller when I can get this bluetooth one for £6

    That's why I go to pawnshops for mine. You can get xbox360, ps3, etc for about that price at a pawnshop here in Detroit.

  • @Darksavior said in What controller do you use?:

    @AlexMurphy said in What controller do you use?:

    @Darksavior 0_1496195767690_s.jpg

    This is awful too. Nothing beats a SEGA stand up cab, Those things were designed to be punished for 12 to 14 hours a day!

    That's a custom stick.

    Yes that is a custom made one because Neo Geo/SNK always labels their buttons even at the arcades with A, B, C and D and they always used 4 buttons at most since all of their games uses 2-4 buttons at most.
    The main reason why i know this is because i grew up with Neo Geo games such as Magician Lord, Magical Drop and the Fatal Fury series (also few other sports titles like Wind Jammers and Turf Masters).

  • @AlexMurphy I would also like to mention that the Sega arcade cabs did last long but not as long as the original Neo Geo arcade cabs because when i was 18 the Neo Geo machines had cigarette burnt marks all over it even on the buttons and honestly when i spoke with the owners to these arcades they said they never really had to fix the machines but the machines they had to fix often was Virtua Fighter and Virtua Cop machines because the joystick/sensors would usually jam up and i know all to well cause for the Virtua Fighter games after a month of them being in the arcades the joysticks would be forced downwards and lost its spring like action to go back to the center and also gets pretty loose so they were made to get punished but not abused while other arcade cabs like the Neo Geo and Capcom could handle abuse.

  • @Ecks Turfmasters=best Arcade Golfgame ever.
    I love that one!!
    (sorry for OT!)

  • @Brigane The stick seems to have been built to be as easy to mod as possible ... or else them using Sanwa clones for everything was just a happy accident. I had a drawer full of buttons and a spare joystick from previous modding projects so all I had to buy was a connector cable for the stick, a few pence worth.

  • My 8bitdo FC30 pro arrived friday and after playing around over the weekend I really like it. It plays nice with my ps3 controllers after I removed the sixad drivers, paired and setup the FC30 then readded sixad. It does show with a strange name now (szny or something) but works perfect.

    I use my ps3 controllers for amiga since they are setup nicely in amiberry by default and of course PSX. But I think the FC30 will take workhorse duties for most other things

  • @A2ra3L glad to finally see a positive review of the FC30 Pro. I have a pair of them but I have not set them up. Did you run into any challenges with Bluetooth setup? In what mode are the controllers set?

  • @caver01

    No problems setting it up. I plugged up to my pc and updated firmware to 4.0, then let it charge and after the green lights stopped I went to the pi and after removing the sixad driver (Pi wouldn't see it at all with the driver installed) it connected fine. I just use the default (android/windows) mode, hold the power button for 2 seconds until the blue lights flash.

    I setup the udev rule and made sure the firmware hack was off (which is a bit confusing in the menu, it says 8bitdo mapping hack (OFF - New firmware) which means it is off but I kept thinking it was telling me to click on that to turn it off)

    After I got it set up in ES and working I reinstalled sixad and my ps3 controllers worked again without needing to re-pair, I just turned them on and they worked, plus the FC30 just turned on and worked as well.

    My only problem was I just happened to update my Pi in the time between a version of ES that had a new controller layout had been put up where the hotkey button setup was broken and when it was fixed so my select+start wouldn't work which I thought at the time was my controller but later that day I saw a post on the forum saying that it had been updated and fixed.

    They are small, but they feel great. My buttons aren't stiff like alot of reviewers have been saying and I have no troubles with the analog sticks being small. I LOVE the D-pad. It it so much nicer than the PS3 ones for older games

  • @A2ra3L you mentioned the sixad driver. I am not familiar with that, probably because my current build is an arcade cabinet. Is that driver installed by default on the RetroPie image? Or, is it something you had already installed to support existing PS3 controllers? Thanks for the extra info.

  • @caver01
    I had to install that myself for the ps3 controllers. So you won't need that step. I also use a bluetooth dongle instead of the built in because it is more stable for ps3 controllers. But you shouldn't need to worry about that either

  • @ainmosni have you not had any trouble connecting your Wii U control ? I've been trying for a few days and find no info on how

  • ps3 controller, and I am satisfied with its work

  • I have been using Xbox Wireless Controller by Microsoft Software for a few months and it is amazing.
    The white stands out from other video gaming consoles. Besides, compared to the old version, I really love this new one. It is better and more static than the original.
    They added textured grip really makes grabbing the controller easier even while sweating! Well done Bill ;D

  • PS3 controller wirelessly.

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