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  • I recently got a Pi Zero W and wanted a mainly KODI build with a side slice of retrogaming. I wanted to use a wireless controller to reduce clutter, and, as recommended by the docs, opted for PiFBA.

    I noted by buttons via jstest, altered the config, but nothing worked wirelessly. Wired was fine.

    In my searches I saw a few people with similar problems and the consensus answer seems to be "use lr-fbalpha, pifba is buggy and old"

    But if you have the same problem and want to run PiFBA, I thought it worth sharing the fact that the recalbox version seems to solve the problem: Has the added bonus of being pre-configured for PS3 and 4 player support.

    Haven't tried it with other wireless controllers, perhaps they worked already, perhaps they work with this?

    But just in case someone out there is interested...

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