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Retrorama Comic Theme

  • Hey @lipebello I have started adding videos to my arcade games. They work great with your theme! I was wondering through if there is a way to show the scrapped game image first, then fade into playing the video? For example like the Pixel theme.

    Right now it just goes straight into playing the video without showing the scrapped image at all. It's small I know, is there any way i can do it from editing the theme? Thanks!

  • @hex Hey bro. saw you email. i'm fnishing some adjustments and will send you a test version
    @MrJordaaany I'll change it on the next update, but you can do it, just edit the main file theme.xml and change this
    <showSnapshotDelay>false</showSnapshotDelay> from false to true.

  • @lipebello Thanks man!

  • @lipebello Sorry one for question. The game description text for Neo Geo and FBA start halfway down the description box for some reason. It's always been like this for Neo Geo so assumed it was a error, but now it just started happening for FBA. I've checked my gamelist for extra spaces or syntax errors, but no issue there.

    Any ideas? Anything i can check it theme.xml?


  • @lipebello I took a photo of the issue to make it more clear. It only seems to happen when I add videos to a gamelist:

    alt text

  • @mrjordaaany Hi, yes, when there's videos, the description opens space for the marquee. If you don't want thiis, you can copy the <description> tag on the detailed view to the video view. it's just the size and position of it.

  • @lipebello Thank you :)

  • This is by far my favourite theme, thanks a lot for this one! Just one thing, how can I disable the sound when selecting a game? it sounds kinda loud for me

  • @mahcneto Thanks! you can disable the menu by hiting start and turn the navigation sounds of in sound settings

  • Thanx for this great theme! Its my favourite. But because i dont have description for a lot of games unfortunately, just covers and snaps, can someone tell me how can I change the game description to show the game cover instead?

  • @lipebello How do i add the 3d boxart console version? im running retrorama on portable ES on windows and not sure where i put this. Copy into the themes config file? thanks your theme rocks. Maybe just change the configs video view to show boxart next to a running snap? Right now i just have the snapshot delayed into video.

  • It looks like Retrorama isn't available anymore, here is what @lipebello posted on Youtube as response to somebody asking for help to download and install it:

    I'm sorry, but i got so many people calling me a hater when i ask them so stop selling my work that i've decided to get out of the scene. I even received some personal attacks because i asked some dude to stop erasing my name from my drawings and calling his. And that kind of thing was happening on a daily basis.

    Posted on youtube video for Retrorama comic theme v1.9.

  • that is too bad. i tried to install via zip download from github but it does not work. does anybody know if there is a way to installvthe latest working version?

  • @cyperghost said in Retrorama Comic Theme:

    @robertvb83 Yes... Newest version is here

    i dont get it. why do you redirect me into the space oddity thread?

  • Dang I was wondering why it wasn't working. I was going to use this as my theme and was super excited. Bummer. I'll look around and try to find the download. @lipebello they do say you know you're really loved when people come out to hate you.

  • Hello. sorry about the delay in respond to this, but i kinda absent from talking about last week and why i deleted my account on github and my repositories.
    I have a huge collections of emails, facebook chats and even whatsapp (because i once joined an arcade builder's group) of people asking me if they could sell retropie images with my themes on it, and once i refuse, they started to talk about how the things on the internet spread and that it was better selling to them and this kind of stuff.
    Last week, a moderator from a FB page called Raspberry pi BR released a recalbox image with my theme, but all my name was erased from the images, and he called his image "the retrorama edition".
    I kindly asked him to remove my theme from his image and pointed that if he wants to share my work, he should do this without erasing my names, like it was discribed on the readme.
    He erased my comment and started threatening me on private chat, so i've made an evaluation on the page saying what the moderator made and gave it one star.
    Then i started to receive some more hate messages because the page owner made a post saying that i was creating fakes to negativate their page (that never happened). But in the end i'm always the bad guy, so i decided to not create anything else.

  • @lipebello i fully understand that. Unfortunately ugly people want to make profit out of your work. This is because it is amongst the most highly professional themes coming from your end. That makes people greedy...

    Even if you won't do anything more and do not give support anymore would you make the latest working version available here just for download and manual install? Now that i have seen all the Retrorama Videos i want that theme so badly... But i kind of understand if you decide not to hand it out anymore... just too bad for me

  • @lipebello Bro you did it all for nuthin and your art is awesome dont let a few bad apples get ya down. even if a few clowns take credit for your labor of love everyone else knows your the man. Your themes are sick.

  • @smellyviking said in Retrorama Comic Theme:

    @lipebello Bro you did it all for nuthin and your art is awesome dont let a few bad apples get ya down. even if a few clowns take credit for your labor of love everyone else knows your the man. Your themes are sick.

    I think there's no better way to put it into words. You made my day, bro. :D

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