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Retrorama Comic Theme

  • @eduardors Sounds like you need to make a thread in the Help section. You'll get more responses with your own topic.

  • @eduardors I always have problems with win32 imager, so i use Etcher to burn my images. Maybe that's the problem.

  • @lipebello thanks to the top hat gaming man I learned that there where both a TG16 and PCE in Europe, could you make an European PC Engine retrorama page keeping the actual for a PCE (J) page? ES works over the European names and logos of the consoles so having them acurately displayed is a priority, same thing occurs in the SNES page but it is more aparent in the PCE, for both you could reuse most of the original PCE and SFC pages I think

    By the way the most essential one is the PCE one while the SNES one is a great bonus and... I must admit I just noticed this today but I saw the video at launch day

    Either way I thank you for your hard work, I hope my feedback is useful for you

  • @lipebello if you update your theme could you advice us please? Also... Do you think the update could be also applied to the launching screens?

  • @sergioad Yup, i'm planning to, just messing around with a new render engine for the overlays and recreating the covers for both ratios. When i finish the overlays and covers, i'm gonna work on the launching images

  • Thanks, having a Retrorama with the English PC Engine comic style marquee would be amazing

  • @lipebello

    a very general question as, i can only imagine how much work goes into something this good

    about what percent are you on with getting the new update done

    not asking for a time as im good with waiting

    again thank you for the amazing theme, and i found the loading screens you made so it is even better now :)

  • I definitely ran across this theme multiple years after making a RetroPie...and its the most beautiful thing ever, especially as a tribute to Stan Lee!

    I did see an N64 and Playstation Overlay in a few videos (and I think IRL at an ArcadeExpo), and wasn't sure if those were still available or would be coming up in the next release? Either way, all of this is absolutely amazing and your work will always be appreciated!

    Thank you!

  • @lipebello is there any chance that you are planning to add newer systems? like wii or PS2? i love so so much your theme with recalbox theme they have became my favorite ones... and the only detail is that some system are missing :/

    thanks really reaaaaaally great job man by far the most gorgeous theme in retropie!!!

  • @otaolafr You can check out my Update Pack on this Post:

  • @valdan i've finished the new overlay materials for rendering it. just posted a pic on my instagram

    @ExarKunIv i think it takes about 10 hours each system, from drawing to finish it in illustrator, launching images, controller, logos, etc.. .and rendering the overlays in 3D. Now that i already have made the drawings, it takes 1 or 2 hours each.

    Right now i've made 32 of 78 systems i have on the old retrorama. But i'm remaking the arcade and japanese systems because i want arcade to look like special edition comic books and japanese systems to look like different mangas.

    But since last year i am working on another city and have less time to work on the theme.

  • @lipebello thank you for getting back to me, yes i can see it taking that long for what you do, if it was me it would be way longer, lol. but i cant draw to save my life :P

    im stoked for what you are changing, i think it will work great with your theme.

    yes it stinks that you dont have as much time to work on it, but thats life for you

  • @ExarKunIv yeah, it was way cooler when i had 3 to 5 hours a day to do this, i was way less stressed, lol

  • @PittStone hi pitt i didnt understud, is the wrong link maybe? because it is a post of another skin completly different to retrorama ... or you were giving me a skin that has all the systems?
    i wanted to know if the ps2 and wii where near creation for the retrorama to be able to use it, for the moment i am with the recalbox skin. thanks
    thanks eighter way,

  • @lipebello is there any release forecast for the theme?

  • @MarlonBarros i'm reworking some of the covers in order to release it. It won't have as many systems as the old one, but i'll try to cover as many as i can

  • @lipebello looking good. i like what you changed on that one.

    the only system that is missing from my build is The Magnavox Odyssey2. if you have that one i be a happy.....

    well i will be happy no matter what. your work is amazing


  • @lipebello

    I've gotten back into emulation recently and am putting together a setup using your amazing retrorama theme. As a Japanese speaker I play a lot of games in JP and I was thrilled to see you have dedicated art for the Famicom, SFC, etc since I want to have them as separate console entries :)

    I registered here just to ask if you'd like me to give you the original advertising catchphrases for all the Japanese systems? It wouldn't take too long to compile them and I can help you with which characters to emphasize etc.

    Example for Famicom:
    Yellow/Red text: 家族みんなで
    Big red startburst text:ファミリーコンピュータ

    Or if you want a proper translation of "Now you're playing with power:"
    Yellow/red text above: これこそ本当の
    Big red starburst text:力
    Yellow/red text below:だぜ!

    If you're interested give me a shout; I can get you what you'd need for whatever systems. Thanks for the beautiful artwork!

  • @lipebello Thank you. I'm anxious for your theme

  • @hisshouburaiken That would be awesome! i'm just remaking all japanese systems and it would be great to use the original advertising slogans! I'm also really glad that you enjoyed the theme.

    @ExarKunIv sure thing!

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