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Retrorama Comic Theme

  • Trying to remember what was missing for me from the earlier theme... Odyssey 2 was one I'm sure. A really distinct box art style that could be riffed on for that.

  • I was originally going to send this via private message but there's apparently no way to do that on this forum. Then I figured why not share what I dug up because a lot of it was just kinda interesting. What follows is a list of multiple systems and either their Japanese advertising catchphrase, or a tagline that was used in some form of advertisement for them (catalogs, commercials, etc). Enjoy! @lipebello This list is by no means exhaustive so let me know if there are more systems you want to do Japanese pages for.

    The bold words are the ones I would suggest emphasizing if you're doing text where some words jump out, or putting in a different color if you're doing more than one. If you've got something else in mind like having five different ways to emphasize each part just let me know and I'll help you parse it out.

    WonderSwan: みんな、本気になってくる (

    Note: The proper Japanese spelling for the system is ワンダースワン, which you have for the color but not the original.
    Or if you wanna tweak Conan's catchprase, 色はいつも二つ! (There are only two colors!)

    Number of players: 人数
    Best played with: オススメのコントローラー

    WonderSwan Color: ハマれるゲームが必ずある! (


    SG-1000: ゲームセンターの興奮そのまま! (

    Super Famicom:こんにちはスーパーファミコン (


    Saturn: 脳天直撃セガサターン (

    Playstation: 全てのゲームは ここに集まる (


    PCE SuperGrafx: マニアに挑戦! スーパーマシン登場! (

    PC-Engine: 目よ、耳よ。ここが戦場だ。 (

    PCE-CD: 今、CD-ROMに目覚めるキミへ。 (

    Neo-Geo (Home console/Arcade): 凄いゲームを連れて帰ろう

    Neo-Geo (Home console/Arcade alternate, 100MB + Roms: The 100 MEGA SHOCK!

    Neo-Geo (Home console/Arcade alternate 2, max game size: GIGA POWER PRO-GEAR SPEC

    Neo-Geo Pocket & Neo-Geo-Pocket Color: I'm not BOY. 誰だってBOYを捨てるときがくる (

    - Classic!)

    N64: ゲームが変わる、64が変える (

    Megadrive: 時代が求めた16ビット (

    Mark-III/Master System: 先進のスーパーゲームメカ! (

    Famicom Disk System: 夢いっぱいディスク (URL in Japanese, too long to paste)

    Famicom: 家族みんなでファミリーコンピュータ (Japanese Wikipedia)

    Game Gear: いつでもどこでもカラーが楽しいゲームギア (

    Game Boy Color: 君とならどこまでも (

  • Thanks a lot, @hisshouburaiken!

  • hi man, its possible add more systems to your theme?
    in some videos i can see some of them but i dont found anywhere (like apple II for example)
    amiga600, 500, 1200 etc
    sam coupè
    satella view
    sufami turbo



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