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Neo Geo X Build

  • @Syhles
    Sorry for the late reply. I use bitfontmaker for the pixel fonts and FontForge to make the player icons.

    I've made a bit more progress, I've got the system select/carousel done now.


    0_1497048427452_capcom system.jpg

  • @ruckage said in Neo Geo X Build:

    Wow, that cab looks great - really jealous. Did you build it yourself?

    Sorry for the late reply. :-)

    I don't have knowledge/tools for woodwork. I bought that cab. There's a guy here in Brazil who nake it in a way that it can be sent through mail and you just have to connect the parts and screw them.

    For your cab though I guess the Neogeo system style alone would be ideal.

    You're right! I see you're making them with some differences. I think I can tweak the theme to make every system look like that neogeo style

    Also the wheel/marquee images are customized to add that border around them. I can probably do a complete arcade wheel set though if needed as I have a photoshop batch setup to do it, it will just take a while to process.

    I think ImageMagick can help with this task too. I'll try something when I have time for it.


  • @ruckage
    How are you accomplishing the transparency on the system select screen?

  • @Syhles said in Neo Geo X Build:

    How are you accomplishing the transparency on the system select screen?

    Do you mean for the carousel? It does that by default, it's just usually there is a white bar behind them which I've removed by making it entirely transparent.

  • @ruckage

    Apparently I need to pay more attention.

  • Looking forward to this @ruckage keep up the great work!

  • Awesome! Cant wait to see this released... Hitting F5 all day long

  • I've edited SNK's new logo video to make an updated Neo Geo boot animation which I plan to use as a video splashscreen for when my system boots.

  • @ruckage like @meleu said. Shut up and take our rupees!! I love the splash video. That is awesome.

  • @ruckage Epic splashscreen. Just perfect!

  • @meleu @edmaul69 @danyo
    Thanks, where can I cash in these rupees :D

    Most of the credit needs to go to SNK themselves as it's their base logo video which looks and sounds so good, I just added in the 'neo geo' and 'max 300 mega, pro gear spec ' parts. Just in case you hadn't seen the unedited SNK intro I'll post it below so you can compare.

  • @ruckage Thanks for sharing! :-)

    I've just stumbled upon this funny and detailed between three versions of the classic intro:

  • My Neo Geo needed a suitable joystick and I already owned a mayflash and a Venom fightstick which look like this (stock photo from amazon) so decided to use one of those:

    0_1497643989440_venom joystick.jpg

    The beauty of these (the venom at least) is that they can be modded. The top is clear acrylic so you can put your own art underneath - you can also swap out the buttons and joystick if you wish and replace them with sanwa parts, in my case I've made new art for it and will replace the buttons for a more neogeo look.

    Here is the artwork I made freshly out of the printer. It's printed on A3+ premium semigloss photo paper. The registration marks will be used by my cutting machine to match my cut file with the artwork, you could also cut it by hand but if you have the tools why not use them:

    0_1497644415438_nneo print.jpg

    The next picture shows the print held up to the light after going through the cutting machine - the white lines are all the areas that have been cut.

    0_1497644663542_neo cut.jpg

    And here is the cut image removed from the carrier sheet.

    0_1497644713902_neo cutout.jpg

    Finally here is the joystick completed with it's nice new coloured buttons (I forgot to take photos during the disassembly/assembly process but it's pretty easy).

    0_1497644820295_neo stick modded.jpg

  • I'm getting dizzy from all the awesomeness. Terrific idea, @ruckage !!

  • @ruckage
    Are you going to put a raspberry pi in the fight stick?

  • @Syhles said in Neo Geo X Build:

    Are you going to put a raspberry pi in the fight stick?

    No, I have the raspberry pi in a 'Neo Geo X dock' (see the first post.) You could do it easily though if you wanted to as there is plenty of room.

  • @ruckage
    Sorry, lol. I had totally forgotten about the dock. Nice work though it's really slick.

  • Just ordered a Neo Geo X Stick for this project.
    Btw this is the overlay I use (created by John Merrit / modified by me):


  • @danyo
    Very nice, looks like it's using a shader as well in your image as the picture is slightly distorted to add the curve of a CRT.

    Not something I would personally use as I like the image to fill the screen as much as possible (whilst maintaining aspect ratio). I did make a neogeo overlay a while back with border and scanline/shadowmask but it doesn't really match this theme so I may do another (pics below).

    0_1497706098682_neogeo overlay.jpg

    0_1497706125369_capcom overlay.jpg

    I may buy one of those negeo x joysticks, they look pretty good and would add some console authenticity, dowside is you're then restricted to 4 buttons so capcom fighters wouldn't be playable.

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