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Anyone have Arcadia and Creativision working on 4.2?

  • Hi,
    Has anyone gotten Emerson Arcadia or Vtech Creativision working on Retropie 4.2?

    What rom and bios are needed and where do they go?

    What experimental package needs to be installed?

    A quick rundown of the steps you took to get it running?

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    Neither of those systems are currently supported. You may be able to get them running through AdvanceMESS, which is installed alongside AdvanceMAME. A list of the systems currently supported in RetroPie can be found here.

  • I understand they are not officially supported emulators, but Advmane is an experimental package and those emulators should be able to run under it.

    Has anyone had any success doing so? If so, how?

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    but Advmane is an experimental package and those emulators should be able to run under it.
    Has anyone had any success doing so? If so, how?

    I believe it's under 'optional' packages currently, but I agree that they'll probably run. To my knowledge, you're the first person around here to bring up those particular systems. That being the case, the closest thing you'll find to install instructions is @edmaul69 describing how to install Fairchild Channel F as a system. There he points to an external download, but since then, the ability to install AdvanceMESS is inherent when you install AdvanceMAME. Keeping that in mind, you should be able to adapt his instructions to install what you want.

    Edit: Looking at those instructions more closely, you'll likely still want to download the various files he points to and use them for comparison.

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  • I've gotten the Creativision/Dick Smith Wizzard working nicely in Retropie, with a heap of work. Even created theme to drop into Tronkyfran. Mine is on Ubuntu though - haven't yet attempted to port the files over to the pi and see how much needs doing. Happy to zip up the files and share, hopefully as simple as drop them in the right place(s) and off you go. Only challenge was getting an older version of SDL installed, but after that, back to playing the games I overdid as a kid. :)

  • @Everett1954 I was able to get about half the Creativision games working with Advmess. However, I wasn't happy with the results because I couldn't get Planet Defender to work. I wound up manually installing the creatiVision Emulator (Linux Source dated 24 April 2016) (source file: creatiVision-1604240src.7z) from this website: This emulator uses SDL.

    Having unzipped the files into a new build folder, I compiled it with cmake /home/pi/build(using GNU 4.9.2 on my Pi) and make. Once the executable creatiVision file was created, I then set up a layout etc.

    All of the games seem to work and appear to work at full speed.

    Your mileage might vary. I did this more than a year ago on Jessie, and I'm using Attract Mode, rather than emulationstation, and I also use xboxdrv for controls.

    Also my emulators.cfg looks like this:

    default = "creatiVision"
    creatiVision = "/opt/retropie/emulators/creativision/creatiVision -r %ROM% -b /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/crvision2/bioscv.rom -f"

    Note the reference to the bios file bioscv.rom.

    You may need to adapt the emulators.cfg for emulationstation, but I can't help you there.

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