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Cabinet build - almost finished

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  • Here are a few shots of the completed cabinet, I put some bright white led strips up the back and under the keyboard, along with RGB leds around the back to light the wall up.

    I have three buttons next to the screen that control the volume and power of the TV, with a few multiclick combos they also toggle the fan on and off and toggle the white LEDS on and off. currently the RGB leds are on their original remote, although im in the process of having the arduino control them also.

    I have a pin on the Pi connected to the arduino, to shut it down, although I have yet to implement the code, I need the arduino to not be powred by the pi in order to turn it back on, will do that shortly,

    there are a few issues such as the ipac2 double pressing each button, which makes fighting games difficult,

    I decided to omit a Marquee in favour of a place to leave my remotes and drinks whilst playing,
    and for sound, well its been an ongoing saga, I got an amp from arcadeworld uk and it was shot when it arrived so got a refund, I got a diy amp kit, soldered one channel up, but didnt know about negative biased power supplies, and thus conencted it to a DC power supply and it smoked, so I intend eventually to make the other channel and properly test it, it should be 2 x 50WRMS, so it will eventually crank, but for now I give up, speakers are sat on the floor, I need to put them in the screen panel somewhere, will do it next week maybe.

    and finally I need to go round all of the joints with some black silicon to hide the cuts that werent straight as the light shines through them. But all in all im very happy with it

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  • @spruce_m00se see puzzle bobble being played

  • Looking good! I like the ambience lighting behind the arcade!

  • @lilbud puzzle bobble has seen a good ten or more hours since I have had it up and running.
    we also played streets of rage on the megadrive to the last level, although we got killed by them damn flying trolleys in the corridor,
    and SF2 has seen a good amount of play, but the bloody double click on the ipac has made it unplayable on the arcade version, megadrive doesnt suffer the same issues, but after playing arcade the megadrive looks pants

  • @spruce_m00se i dont have a double click with my ipac. I assume its a mame issue you are having it in? I know there is something about mame having its own controls on top of retroarch. I remapped all my ipac buttons to match more to retroarch so i dont use numbers and fkeys so i dont know if that matters at all. If it is due to both retroarch and mame controls you could open up the mames retroarch.cfg file and add the keyboard keys and map them to stuff that doesnt exist. Not sure how that works if you use the arcade folder.

  • @edmaul69 I have an ipac two, half is set as a gamepad and half as a keyboard, I need to look into either using all gamepad or all keyboard, but right now I have double clicks on the down button in the ES menu, and then in games I assume the double click is causing an issue because in mame, you cant do any moves, and it doesnt even work in NES for example,
    I have a new image on another card ready to play with, do you know the path for the mame retroarch.cfg? I will ssh in and have a look at it compared to the megadrive.

    the other thing I need to do is to set the megadrive to recognise a six button controller, hitting start to switch from punch to kick in SF2 isnt good when the start button is under the keyboard.

  • @spruce_m00se yeah its easy to set sega to 6 button. It is in the quick menu options for picodirive. It sucks that they added it to the core optionss. Because of that it doesnt work with the select button. Pc engines 6 button / 2 button mode button works. Not sure why they messed it up for both genesis emulators. Picodrive works better. Genesis plus gx just randomly decides which game gets 6 buttons. One street fighter game will be 6 buttons and another is 3. And you cant change it at all. I leave picodrive on 6 button. I havent found a game with a problem with that yet. Pc engine 2 button games go crazy if you have it set to 6 button, just like a real system.

    So for the ipac 2 there is an update to make it keyboard only.

  • my ipac was keyboard only, i changed the firmware to make it allow gamepad, that was a ball ache, it bricked, and then randomly came back to life a few hours later.
    how do you setup keyboard only? do you have to edit config files or can you use the ES input config? I tried in ES and it just overwrites player one everytime with the second player two joystick.

    I was in a hurry to play, had a friend round, which is why i set it to keyboard and gamepad, then I did it through ES.

    do you have a config file you could share? I can map the ipac to your config file easily with its config tool,, then just ssh your config file in.

  • The way i setup my iPac is i made sure it was set to keyboard mode. Then i used the ES controller config to map the keyboard to ES so i could navigate the ES menu. Then i went into the configs-all auto joypads folder and deleted the config file for the keyboard.

    At this point i could use the keyboard to navigate ES but not play any games in retroarch.

    Then i opened retroarch.cfg and mapped out each keyboard key manually to all the default keyboard controls for player 1 and 2.

    Then i edited the retroarch.cfg under the system specific folders for any system that didnt follow the default layout (my default was optimized for 2 button play, so i had to customize snes, genesis and a couple others).

    Then, and this was the hard part, i had to make a specific per-game config file with separate control schemes for every mame/fba game that didnt follow the default scheme (fighting games had a specific 6 button layout that didnt match the default, some game like ninja turtles had action and jump backward, and so on) so yeah, 40 or 50 custom config files later, i had a really nice setup, and every game worked correctly with keyboard controls.

    Needless to say, have about 20 separate backups of these files, haha.

  • It also helps to make a map showing how the retropad is setup for each controller versus how your keyboard mapping is layed out on your control panel, because you still have to set key controls to retropad layout. Mine looks like this, i keep a laminated copy inside my cab. Your layout may vary, but you get the idea.

    The top part shows my button layout and the corresponding keys on the iPac2. This is default mame control, so it's pretty universal. (some people reverse mame123 and mame456 button locations though).


  • @capeman where is the configs-all auto joypads folder located ? Can this be accessed over the network? Or is it inside the retropie menu?
    Could you copy paste the config file that you mapped to the defaults? Although i love a good learning curve im about out of time on this project. I have ten days left to finish it. And work is mental.

  • I want to say:
    But im at work and sadly cant mess around on my pi right now - i'll post a copy of my config files for you to reference later tonight.

    If you have the same button layout as mine above, you could technically use them outright with maybe a little modification.

  • @spruce_m00se Lookin good! I like the lighting!

  • @spruce_m00se nice build man! Can we start that cheevos related tweaking? :-)

  • @meleu I dont have time anymore unfortuantely, I had 5 weeks, I took 4 to build this, I have one left to do a paid project that has nothing to do with gaming :(

    if someone can manage to make a gpio pin toggle from high to low when a high score or cheevo is achieved then I would probably pay them to do it right now.

  • @spruce_m00se said in Cabinet build - almost finished:

    if someone can manage to make a gpio pin toggle from high to low when a high score or cheevo is achieved then I would probably pay them to do it right now.

    Do you know what is the command to toggle from high to low from command line?

    If yes, just put the command on that script I wrote for you here:

    You just need to launch RetroArch with verbose logging to make it work. I don't have the fancy lights and don't know how to deal with GPIO stuff, but I tested with simple output on a terminal and the script works as expected.

    No need to pay! :)

  • @capeman said in Cabinet build - almost finished:

    I want to say:
    But im at work and sadly cant mess around on my pi right now - i'll post a copy of my config files for you to reference later tonight.

    If you have the same button layout as mine above, you could technically use them outright with maybe a little modification.

    any luck getting the files up?

  • Oh wow, haha i completely forgot. Kids and work, ya know. I'll see if i have copies on my laptop and post them on my lunch break (if i have them)

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