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Suitability of controlblock?

  • Hi,

    I have a raspberry pi 3 with the latest version of retropie installed. I have my 2 x 8bitdo controllers and 1 USB Mega Drive controller attached.

    I built a bartop arcade machine many years ago using sanwa buttons and joysticks connected to an Ipac2 (pre 2015 version) and a PC.

    I don't really have room for the bartop so I want to repurpose my buttons and joysticks into a housing which o can use to control games on the pi. However, the last time I tried this (admittedly a few years ago) all I encountered was problems.

    I'm looking to have a 2 player, 1 joystick per player, 6 control buttons per player (in "street fighter 2 layout") and 1 start and 1 coin per player.

    Is the ipac2 suitable for this, or should I get a post 2015 version - or would a controlblock be better? I'm thinking the controlblock as its custom designed for the pi?

    If so, are there any good tutorials on how to get this up and running?


  • Global Moderator

    The ControlBlock is designed for exactly your use case: connecting arcade controls (also for two players) and make it seamless work with the RPi. In addition, the ControlBlock also provides a power switch function. One major difference to the Ipac is, that the ControlBlock simulated gamepad device and not a keyboard as the Ipac does. The gamepad solution does not have any limitation regarding the maximum number of simultaneously pressed buttons.

    You can find getting started information, e.g., here.

  • @petrockblog Thanks!

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