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ComicBook Theme Launching Images

  • I have finally completed the launching images for all supported systems of the ComicBook Theme. I have created 4 sets of launching images, 2 sets for the 16:9 version and 2 sets for the 4:3 version.

    Set one for each version is a basic launching screen with just the system comic logo and color background and set two for each version is a "ComicRip" version which contains the system logo along with the mascot "ripping" through the screen. See the screen shots below.

    You can download the images from github here: Github ComicBook Theme Launch Images for Retropie.

    @meleu has also offered to make these downloadable via rpi-art, he will post an update when they are incorporated there as well.

    16:9 Basic Launching Images


    4:3 Basic Launching Images


    16:9 Comic Rip Launching Images






    4:3 ComicRip Launching Images








  • @tmntturtlguy well done! These look amazing. :)

    Congrats on a job well done.

    A question once again: I believe these don't run in parallel to the emulators launching, but sequentially, correct?

    Just curious.

    Have a great weekend!

  • @pjft said in ComicBook Theme Launching Images:

    A question once again: I believe these don't run in parallel to the emulators launching, but sequentially, correct?

    And you can set how many seconds you want the launching image being displayed in runcommand config.
    Details here:

  • Just when you think nothing can improve this awesome theme, you pull this out. It's such a hard decision now figuring out which version I want to use. :) Good job buddy!

  • @hansolo77 thanks! You can always mix and match your favorites! I haven't decided which one I want to use yet either!

  • @tmntturtlguy FYI, when you launch a game from Favorites, Last Played or All Games menu, the launching image will be the one for the original system. Example: If I launch Mega Man X via Favorites menu, the launching image will be the SNES one. Then, I think there's no point in creating a launching image for Favorites.

    By the way, I think we'll get your images installable via rpie-art this evening. :)

  • @meleu thanks for helping getting those posted. As for the favorites and custom systems........there are 3 reasons I have created them:

    1. For custom systems if you create a configs folder and runcommand you can use them. I use this with capcom and my hacks systems. I just copy the fba config folder, rename capcom and edit my es_systems.cfg and all my capcom or hacks games can have their own launch image.

    2. Per our previous discussion, it is my hope that someday in he future we can find a way to modify your custom runcommand in you custom system script to look for a launching image in the symlinks folder first, and then if one is not present, it will use the original systems launch image from the configs folder. I know that is not possible right now, but it would be a nice feature for the future.

    3. Users can set these to launch to individual games. If one desires they could set the favorites launch to the games they tag as favorites. I won't ever do that, but the option is there.

    I know not many will use those, but in the scheme of createing about 500 launch images in total it only took a few minutes to create those 3 systems.

    Thanks again for your help!

  • @tmntturtlguy WOW! Great theme and these are the icing on the cake... Great stuff and many thanks for your efforts...

  • @tmntturtlguy Those are good points to create them. Nice job man!

    Regarding the installation via rpie-art, the script only offers to the users the installation of images for systems they have installed (systems with a directory in /opt/retropie/configs/). Then virtual/custom systems won't be installable via script. But they always can get the images directly on github and do their hacks, of course. ;-)


  • Oh wow, they are absolutely fantastic! Thanks so much for this update. :-) Getting these straight on my Pi!

  • @TMNTturtlguy yeah boy! They are ready to be installed through rpie-art. How to do this:

    1. launch rpie-art.
    2. choose the .../meleu/rpie-launching-images repository.
    3. choose Update files from remote repositoriy.
    4. choose Launching image list.
    5. check the files you want to install with space (or button B if using with joystick).
    6. choose continue and the image files will be downloaded and installed.
    7. done! you can exit the rpie-art and launch some games to see the beauty.

  • And.. how does one get rpie-art? Is it in the experimental menu?

  • @hansolo77 there are some options:

    • the link on my signature;
    • the link on the "useful topics index" post;
    • google for "rpie-art".


    I hope you like it Han!

  • Lol, you know I'm blind and lazy. :)

  • These are stunning, and it really feels like I've polished the whole look of Retropie. Thanks again TMNTTurtlguy. :)

    One thing though, I've lost the ability to go into the options before the game launches. The image says press a button to configure, but it's not working. Is there a way to restore this behaviour should I need it? Many thanks.

  • @ranma you have to wait until the launching images goes away, then immediately push A button. This is the way emulation station is designed.

    Edit: see this post with the same question: link text

  • @tmntturtlguy
    Awesome, I knew it would be something daft I'd missed. :)

    Thanks for replying!

  • @tmntturtlguy said in ComicBook Theme Launching Images:

    This is the way emulation station is designed.

    I would replace "emulation station" with "runcommand" in the sentence above. ;-)

  • I hope it's okay I reply to this after so long, especially for a request.

    I was wondering if you have plans to expand on these? I'd love to see a Final Fantasy, Tales of, or any other jRPG series launching screen image. Or just a catch all one for that genre. Possibly ones for Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, or other mainstream Nintendo characters?

    Your theme and launching images have really made my retropie something I look forward to booting up every day. Thanks so much!

    I made an edited version of the SNES Hacks one here SNES Hacks Alt - I liked the Samus/Mario/Link art better for it.
    Also one for SNES MSU-1 (CD) SNES CD - Based on the menu logo art made by @pittstone said in New Comic Book Theme!:

    @tmntturtlguy Oh, O.k. Can i ask you, to make a Wallpaper for me?

    I have made a Folder for SNES MSU-1 Games and it works great. Only a nice Wallpaper is Missing. I have a Logo, too!

    0_1502079913596_system.png found in the main thread

  • Using the ComicBook theme on my Windows install and would love to add these launch images.
    Can that be done and if so what do I need to do?
    Thanks in advance!


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