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  • @fastlowrex so I just installed it and it looks glorious. Everything looks spot on!

    I do need to create a script to randomize themes :p

    That being said, a few comments and maybe a small request from my experience with it:

    • the video z-index in the collections menu is off, it shows on top of the TV.
    • the unselected folders text default color is white, which makes it hard to read on the white background:) maybe make it grey, as the normal text is black?
    • effectively, having only 5 items in the list makes the R1/L1 navigation impractical as there'll be items that will never be visible. I recommend having at least 8 items in the list, which would likely mean increasing the list size:/ it's not a big issue, though, but it is worth noting.
    • I suppose my request is related to the videos, and I know that this is as much a design decision as it is personal preference, so make much of it :) in this case, as you use the z-index for videos, this is built for people who mostly use VLC as the video player. When you use OMX player, as expected, the layout experience is hit and miss. Some current layouts work well, but others don't really look well on OMX player. If you'd consider tweaking some of the TV layouts to accommodate that, I'm happy to give more details on which work well and which don't (or you can also just turn on OMX player and see) :). Anyway, I don't expect this to be picked up, but thought I'd bring it up in case you'd be open to it - be it in this version or a separate theme version.

    Anyway, looks great. Congratulations on the release!

  • Breathtaking, absolutely spot on.

  • @pjft , Hi. I have made some changes to the theme using some of your suggestions. Thanks for the feedback.

  • @fastlowrex Fantastic theme! You were a bit inspired by the WDTV background?

  • @fastlowrex thank you! I see you made the font smaller at least, which does help:)

    I must have misremembered the code - or someone might have changed it in the meantime - because it still seems to not show all entries when doing L1/R1, but it's minor. I certainly wouldn't make the font any smaller - I would only consider increasing the text box but that is likely a pain across all the systems.

    I love all the tiny details and text in the magazine covers and when open! Well done.

    I wonder if you wouldn't consider adding a small metadata box similar to a "Review score" box.

    But it's just a thought, really. I'm using it as is right now.

    Thank you very much for putting it together!

  • So that the snap layer plays behind the TV bezel and not on top, you need to turn off USE OMX PLAYER (HW ACCELERATED) in your options.

  • @fastlowrex thanks. Are you referring to any comment of mine in particular, though?


  • wow nice theme
    but maybe the boxart a little bigger?

  • amazing! can we have .psd files for to make customs systems?

  • @fastlowrex Any chance of getting a Wii Theme added? This is my favorite theme at the time!! Great Work

  • This theme is great! One of my favorite, it is in your planes to make a ZX Spectrum theme?

    That would be awesome!


  • @hargon zx spectrum is already in.

  • @akiafroo for some reason when I made the download, the zx zpectrum and a few others platforms, doens't appears.

    I made the download again and everything is perfect.


  • I have a huge request, can you make this theme 4:3 friendly?

    I have a homemade arcade cabinet with a 4:3 screen, thats why I'm asking you.

    Thank you for this great theme.

  • This post is deleted!

  • By far my favorite theme. The only issue that I'm having is that it won't display TG16. Whenever I switch to it, it would only display pcengine. Has anyone else had that experience.

  • @fermin3344 You could try editing doing the advanced configuration step in the wiki. Changing the <theme> option should fix your problem.

  • Hi, very good Work! I need a few more Systems:

    • Naomi
    • Sega Model 2 + 3
    • DOS ( only pc folder is for windows pc games)
    • Options
    • PSP Minis
    • OpenBOR
    • neo geo CD
    • Nintendo 3DS
    • Amiga CD
    • Atari Jaguar CD
    • N64 DD

    Can you add this? Thanks. (Can you upload a .psd for this theme, to make itself?)

  • hey

    i just downloaded this on my rpi3 but it doesnt show any of the console images
    i trued removing and reinstalling but same thing happens

  • @stevetingate1993 What version are you running on your pi? Also, are you using the omx player?

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