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  • Hello Retropie devs. I have a request. TGB-Dual has been given the awesome feature of opening a rom twice in a split window link cable emulation on Retroarch. Which is pretty cool. But, the original TGB-Dual allowed for local network and VPN (Hamachi/ECT) link cable connections between two seperate PC's. Would it be possible to reenable this feature in Retropie?

    The reason I ask, is because me Wife and I are interested in becoming pokemon masters, like no one ever was. We can't catch them all without trade, and she really wants to be able to trade between our individual retropie handhelds.

    Could ya'll look into how difficult this would be to do?

    Thank you

  • Another option is you could play Pokemon ultra violet which is a rom hack that combines fire red and leaf green into one game which allows you to catch every Pokemon. However I agree this feature being added in would be nice.

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