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Memory is full for no Apparent Reason: SOLVED

  • Hello all,

    So I recently Got my Raspi and installed the latest version of retropie (V4.2) on my 16gb micro SD card. All was fine until I started scraping and the system didn't have enough memory. I decided to start from scratch and do it all again. This 2nd time, I didn't install nearly as many packages, but the card is still full for some reason (Look at the bottom edit):

    After installing retropie and updating core packages, the SD card had about 12gb of space left. I put about 5gb of roms on it, and now there's less than 600mb left (again, look at the edit). I did install a dosbox emulator and a doom port, but I don't think those would take up more than 5gb of space. Does anyone know how or why this extra space was taken up? Thanks for the help in advance.

    Spec info:
    Model: 3 B+
    Retropie build: 4.2 (updated installer, and core, and main packages in retropie setup)
    SD card: 16gb sandisk Micro SDHC
    Controller: Xbox One
    I have only transferred files via an 8gb USB stick

    EDIT: Everything is fine, I just misunderstood the file manager and thought I had less than a gb, when it turns out, I have almost 9gb to spare. move along

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