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  • Hey all

    Have been working on my Retro Pie inside a SNES project.

    I made a plan to put a PI3b into my childhood SNES which recently died from old age

    Have just finished it and have much to share.

    Here is the link to the album for the photos i have (many more to be uploaded soon)
    Google Photos link to Retropie SNES

    I have fitted the control block to the snes and have the original SNES controllers working,

    As well as fitting a XBOX 360 wireless adaptor under the Eject button for use with 360 controllers.

    I have a HDMI, Ethernet and a figure 8 power plug fitted to the back in the standard IO locations

    The USB power brick i am using is located inside the SNES so no external power bricks required

    Under the hollowed out Game cart i have hidden a powered USB hub for use when using other controllers and devices

    Let me know what you guys think, and what else you reckon should be done.

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