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Wanting to display Megadrive, Genesis and Japanese Megadrive as seperate systems

  • Hello

    I am running Retropie 4.2.15 from a Pi 3b using a Sandisk 128gb micro SD.
    All systems are running fine but would like to split Sega 16bit into separate emulators so can choose either Megadrive (for PAL roms) Genesis (for USA roms) and MD-Jap (for Japanese roms) rather than throwing everything into 1 large folder.
    I would like to do this as some games play differently due to localisation and translation changes and don't want duplicates in 1 folder. I would also like to keep artwork separate too.
    Is this at all possible as I have edited the es-systems.cfg and have the rom folders with games in but I only see Megadrive listed on the selection screen.

    many thanks

  • @moltavia Where did you edit the es-systems.cfg?

  • I added 2 more systems at the bottom. 1 for megadrive-japan and another for genesis.
    file edited was

  • @moltavia do you also have a copy located in /home/pi/.emulationstation ?

    Cause if you do, the one in /home/pi/.emulationstation takes priority.

  • many thanks!!
    worked a treat... now I need to edit the theme as I just copied the megadrive theme over but ill have a go at that tomorrow.

    im now showing 3 megadrive emulators just like I wanted... MANY THANKS.. you've saved my sanity!

  • I see the point in this..but you have to set the region on that end I don't see the point. Very few games I have found need explicit region settings for few few games. But I don't have many of those.

    I guess you can have three systems and then set the region and then save the core as default. That would in a way be easier I guess.

    That's just me though..

  • @akafox
    I am a mega drive collector and have always separated by region (NTSC-J/U & PAL)
    The reason being; whilst most games are the same in all regions there are some that have localisation differences. There are also about 11 games that had more than 1 rom on the cartridge and would boot a different version depending to the country setting of the console, the most notable being Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle. These versions have different characters and animations and the Western version is also censored.
    I also like to have complete sets and separating by territory keeps the list of games I have to wade through to a minimum. I see this no differently from splitting Super Famicom and SNES (Which was already done when I obtained the Rpi build)



  • would love to see your config file. I'm trying to do the same thing but haven't had much success. I still have the genesis "shortcut" that goes right to megadrive and when i've tried to delete it and create a genesis folder, I usually still don't see genesis games.

  • How can I split NES,SNES,MasterSystem,Genesis,Atari2600,5200,7800 romsets to PAL and NTSC?
    Is there an easy way? Every pack I find has all territories included.

  • @moltavia

    Just a point of interest, Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle isn't actually 2 ROMs but a single ROM that changes based on the language / country setting. It will even do this dynamically in some emulators and on real hardware if you have a country switch mod.

    Load SOR and wait until the title sequence / back story start to play and once the story starts scrolling up, enter the GUI and change the language to Japanese and then exit the GUI. The story will continue to scroll and then change to Japanese after a few seconds.

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