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Super Nintendo / Famicom Controller ports to Pi Zero GPIO (No ControlBlock)

  • Hi everyone

    I am having a bit of trouble, i have read numerous threads and guides about connecting the original controller ports directly to the GPIO pins on a raspberry pi without using Peter Blocks ControlBlock. But i am getting a lot of conflicting information as to which GPIO pins to connect to.

    If anyone can help i need a clear working guide for both controllers to connect to the pins on a Raspberry Pi Zero. Any info or guides will be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

  • I have seen several similar projects on these forums, can anybody point me to a working guide to wire up the original snes controllers to the Pi Zero GPIO pins using the controller port on the front of the console.?

    Many Thanks

  • @ceeeeee4 You can use the gamecon driver schematic from its installer in retropie setup. I think the schematic pops up when you configure the default which are two snes controllers. I'm not sure if the pinout's changed from a pi zero to a pi2/3 but if it hasn't, it should work. More info here

  • All 40 pin Raspberry Pi's (2/3/0/0w) use the same GPIO layout. The only difference is that you don't have the pins populated on the zero. So if you follow a pi2/3 wiring, this should work.

  • Thanks for the replies guys. i have the gamecon driver installed and can see the schematic of which GPIO pins to connect to, but which pins on the snes controller board do i use?

    i would like both controllers working and the power LED if possible. would really appreciate the help.

    many thanks

  • i have wired it up using the gamecon driver schematics. i have used these pins from the snes controller board (see pic). the LED lights up on power on, but i can only input the B button..

    Any ideas??

    0_1504367005120_IMG_7156 resize.jpg

  • @ceeeeee4 Do what I recommended you to do and use the schematic that pops up from the gamecon driver setup in retropie-setup.

    I found my old post. These are the pins I used. Led works. It's for two snes pads:


  • thank you sir that has worked. i didint have both clock pins going to the pin 19.

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