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SNES mini theme

  • @ruckage Sorry if I've asked this before, I thought I asked it but I can't seem to find my post, but is there a template for making new icons we could use? I've got some systems there aren't icons for that I need to make an icon for and working around the gradient isn't the best. I could probably kludge together a template but it seems a waste if there's one already there. Also there a regular font file that can be used for making the icons?

    EDIT: NM, it came together faster than I thought. Link below if anyone wants it. Just use the custom collection background for whatever you collect or make a new one. I'd still love to know what font is used on the icons though.

  • Hey, someone could please do a background and item from scummvm?

  • Is there a Satellaview/MSU-1 icon to use? (I've been thinking about trying to add it just like the NES/SNES Classic collections are, so I can get all the NES/SNES games organized)

  • @Furluge Hi Furluge. Thanks for sharing this. I'm trying to add a Scummvm icon to the system (very happy to use the custom collections backgrounds as you suggest doing). I'm a total newcomer to editing themes though - I tried reading the Github guide to creating your own theme but struggled to follow it tbh, and wasn't sure how to apply it to editing an existing theme on my SD card. Essentially, I'm just looking for a guide that tells me how to replace the un-themed Scummvm text in the system view with my Scummvm icon. I wonder if you might be able to point me towards something that helps with this?

    Thanks ever so much - reading back through this thread (and forum in general), it's refreshing to find somewhere online where people actually seen to want to help each other :)


  • I've tried dropping my Scummvm icon in to the art folder with the other art, and have been going through the code in every xml file I can find in the theme folders and can't find anything to help me. The folder structure is different to what the Github theme builder tutorial suggests it will look like (probably because this is a much better and more advanced theme than that is showing how to build, I expect).

    I'm totally stumped and endless Google searches have just sent me in circles.

    @ruckage , I'm out of ideas. I'm really sorry to badger you directly, as I can see you already spend so much time replying on here in addition to developing the theme. And the theme is SO good. I'm just trying to build a Retropie system up for my brother for his birthday with pretty much no clue what I'm doing. The Scummvm games defined our shared childhood so I can't in good conscience leave them out.

    Is there any way at all for me to 'apply' my scummvm logo over the placeholder text I currently see in system view? Or have I massively over simplified what needs to be done to achieve this?

    I've made a monkey-island-inspired custom splash video already and this theme will work perfectly with it - there's plenty of brilliant, slick, modern looking themes around, but nothing that nails the retro look as well as - or with the polish of - yours.

    Anyway, if you've read this far then thank you - both for the theme, and for any help or wisdom you might be able to throw my way!

    All the best, Mark.

  • @mpnuttall
    Hi. Have you named the file correctly? For scummvm all images should have the file name scummvm.png. They must be png format to work.

    You will need an icon which is the image displayed on the system carousel. You will need to put this in 2 locations within the theme folder: \art\icons and \art\icons_usa.

    You will also need a system logo, you will need to put this in 2 locations within the theme folder: \art\logos and \art\logos_usa.

  • @ruckage Thanks so much for replying to me. I'll try doing that in the morning - the icon is in the right format with the right name but I've only got it in one place, and don't have the logo files saved anywhere. Thanks again, very much appreciated 👍

  • @ruckage Worked perfectly - thanks so much 😀

  • Glad you got helped @mpnuttall . Yeah thankfully we don't have to do anything special just name the icon and backgrounds to match the folders and it'll do the work for you. The only gotcha to worry about is there's the different region icons so if for example you're using the USA theme you'll need the icon in the USA version of the icons.

    @ruckage Any chance there's a free font we could download that matches the built in icons?

  • @ruckage hi mate, don't spose you have this background to hand do you please (or anything very similar) ?

    its from the famicom mini shonen jump 50th anniversary edition console.


    Just the cream and black zoom section.

  • @paffley
    I made one for you quickly, it's not perfect but should hopefully be okay.


  • Amazing thanks @ruckage your a star! :)

  • Hello, I really liked thema, and wanted to leave it in portuguese Brazil, is there?

  • @paffley

    Here's the official backgrounds extracted from the console





    enjoy :)

  • @Stuart2773 thank you :)

  • Pi Model or other hardware: 3B
    Power Supply used: official Raspberry Power Supply
    RetroPie Version Used : 4.5.1
    Built From: Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: n/a
    Controller used: Huijia USB GamePad, Sony PLAYSTATION(R) 3 DualShock
    Error messages received: n/a
    Log found in /dev/shm/runcommand.log (if relevant): n/a
    Guide used: n/a
    File: n/a
    Emulator: ES
    Attachment of config files: n/a
    How to replicate the problem: n/a

    Hey all, first i gotta say that i just love the 'snes-mini theme' <3 Nice work @ruckage!
    I just started with RetroPie on a PI 3B, using a Mac to configure it and using the latest release of RetroPie (4.5.1). I'm trying to do a sd-image myself using the 'snes-mini theme'. I'm not new to working with code and stuff, but i ran into some trouble with a task, which i thought should be pretty easy. I have my games and the systems all showing up and working nicely, but i want to add more choices to 'custom collections from theme'. I want to build collections like the snes-classic with system icon in the carousel and choose them from the main menu (game collection settings>create new custom collection from theme). For example the psx-classic or sega mega drive classic. I've already tried to add the psx-classic pictures in art>icons and art>logos (and to the other folders in art for that matter). I've also created the 'psx-classic' folder with the theme.xml inside in the snes-mini theme folder. At last i also created respective 'psx-classic' pictures in the background folder. The 'psx-classic' custom collection is also showing up in the 'create new custom collection from theme' screen. But when i try to load it, ES goes into commandline mode displaying:
    "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
    what(): std::bad_alloc
    Sorry if this is a noob question, but i've searched 2 days for an answer now, also searched forum and everything. Would appreciate any help, Thanks in advance.

    [edit] ok, so with a little help from a friend i figured out how to add the psx-classic via the namanix github pull request So to add a new option to the "game collection settings > add custom game collection from theme" i just have to add files like namanix did for the psx-classic? Appreciate it.

  • @flemminc ok, so with a little help from a friend i figured out how to add the psx-classic via the namanix github pull request So to add a new option to the "game collection settings > add custom game collection from theme" i just have to add files like namanix did for the psx-classic? Appreciate it.

  • I have a second question: How can i set up Kodi to be a system of it's own (with own icon) and not stored under ports?
    I tried to use the "Kodi as its own system instead of in ports" guide on "". But all i did was messing up my retropie build. :( Any tips? Thanks in advance

    Forgive me, but i also have a third question: How do i add screens for when the emulator is running? I saw that on another image and they had Launchscreens and even an image next to the game screen (left and right where otherwise it's only black). I like the idea to have kind of a frame for playing the games. Thank you so much, would really appreciate any help.

  • @flemminc It would be best to start a new help topic since this is a thread specifically about the SNES-mini theme. Your questions are a bit off topic and aren't likely to be seen by many people. You're more likely to get help if you open your own thread.

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