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I Messed UP!!!!!

  • Around six months ago i attempted to overclock for some n64 games. After that i started having problems then somehow my dumbass did further damage. so today when i turned on my retro pie its stuck on the boot logo. ive tried to flash the sd card but i cant because the sd card it locked and wont format. I dont know what to do or where to start! Please Help Guys!

  • @zeke-the-freak If the SD card is locked, then Retropie will not be able write into it or SDFormatter will not be able to unlock or reformat it either. Best scenario is to start on a new SD card. Maybe someone here knows how to unlock one.

  • @ortsac @zeke-the-freak i had this happen on 2 different sd cards in the past (not from overclocking though). The SD card kept saying it was locked and I couldn't reformat. If you put the ad card into a camera and then tell the camera to reformat the SD card, that typically will unlock the SD card. The SD card will then work for the camera or most other uses. Unfortunately after doing this I could never get it to work with retropie again, whatever goes corrupt in the SD card keeps it from working with retropie. The only things I could get it to work on were my cameras and my security monitor system.

  • @tmntturtlguy It could mean that the camera could care less if the bad/locked section exists since the OS is in the camera itself . The camera uses the card as a storage medium and so it bypasses the locked section during formatting. While an OS such as Retropie will require that particular sector on the SD card and will not be accessible to it. Next time that happens to me the locked SD card will not be discarded and will be re-purposed for the camera. Thanks for the info.

  • @ortsac I'm gonna try it with a new ad card and see what's happens and thanks for the help brother

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