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Upgraded to RetroPie 4.2, no controllers work in RetroArch (Not configured error on rom startup)

  • Running on an RPI3, everything was set up and working great (PS3 controller, SNES controllers, Steam Controller) The start+Select and load/save states were working.

    I then made the mistake of updating the RetroPie update script and running an update. Now, when I start up any rom I get an error saying <controller name> not configured and I have no controls in retroarch.

    I tried

    • deleting the retroarch.cfg file and letting it regenerate

    • uninstalling and reinstalling Retroarch in the retropie setup menu

    • Deleting all controller configurations and remapping them in emulationstation

    • deleted and reinstalled the ps3 controller drivers

    • I then changed the controller driver from udev back to sdl (in retroarch and in the controller configuration). This let me actually map buttons in retroarch manually where I am now able to at least play games, just the hotkeys still do not work.

    I'm about to wipe out my sd card and reflash the backed up image I made a few months ago, but I feel that I'll be back in the same boat if I ever update my system. Any suggestions?

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