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My Remastered NEC Pcengine-CD Covers + Logos + Videos

  • Super Raiden (Japan)
    0_1506459013587_Super Raiden (Japan).jpg

    Syd Mead's Terra Forming (USA) - I have some stuff to upgrade this one, one day ...
    0_1506459059980_Syd Mead's Terra Forming (USA).jpg

    Travel Epuru (Japan)
    0_1506459084253_Travel Epuru (Japan).jpg

    Valis III (USA)
    0_1506459107194_Valis III (USA).jpg

    Vasteel (USA)
    0_1506459125533_Vasteel (USA).jpg

    Ys IV - The Dawn of Ys (Japan) [T-EN v1.1 by Burnt Lasagna 100%]
    0_1506459164382_Ys IV - The Dawn of Ys (Japan) [T-EN v1.1 by Burnt Lasagna 100%].jpg

    Zero Wing (Japan)
    0_1506459175821_Zero Wing (Japan).jpg

  • Nice dude. I'm probably light years away from working ont the PCE, but loving your artwork. Going to save me a ton of time trying to fix all of these myself, and you got more talent than I do. :)

  • @used2berx Thanks RX :)
    No problem ... i share here because i know it can help you and others ;)

    My pack is 100% done !
    I can share it with you if you want. You have only to translate the Synopsis for each games and it's done for you.
    I'm interested by English synopsis XML, to share my work with more people over the world ...
    I translate many synopsis from MobyGames in french, they have near all of them in English.

    Like on our other pack, i test all the games to write the good player number and how to play them.
    1 (player), 1-2 Coop(erative players), 1-2 Vs, 1-2 Alt(ernate players), 1-3 4 5 ...
    We are alone to do it, but it is the best to play with my children :)

  • I'd be interested in the Artwork for sure, and the videos if you have them. I kind of have my own thing going on for synopsis. Many of them are actually from moby games. For more obscure titles though sometimes you have to search really obscure places to find any information.

    I'm completely re-building romsets now, but I won't go into detail of that here. It will all be on the spreadsheet when it's complete. I've been working on NES for months now, but I think I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At least I think other systems won't be as "bad" as this one was. For instance, I've added over 400 Translations for the NES and FDS combined. I believe there are only around 60 or 70 of them for SNES. I don't imagine much SNES pirating happened either, although there have been a LOT of recent homebrew games created for it that look pretty awesome.

    I've done the number of players too while testing games. Good to see that you've done that as well since that was the information most likely missing from the synopsis files.

    I'm definately going to have to get in contact with you first before starting up on whatever my next system will be. I literally spent weeks working on artwork that I probably didn't need to. I know a lot of them I'll still be using since you didn't work on them yourself, but there are quite a few that you and I both worked on and your work is better than mine is.

  • @used2berx Tell me, if i can help and save your time, we will work faster our two projects ;)

  • All my stuff is now integrate in
    125 Covers + Icons + Videos.
    Available in some hours when it will be validate ;)

  • Add direct link to DL all the 125 games Images stuff (Cover + Logo) + Videos.
    It take me some time to record games videos, i can't found around the web ;)!LcMB3IpR!ZUQxRnBMndIL1aFx8OoL7A!LMcGFAJa

  • Amazing work - thank you for the effort put into this!

  • Cool. Nice work. This reminds me of when I remastered my box-art collection last year and struggled with that damn low-res Bonk 3 art.

  • @darknior said in My Remastered NEC Pcengine-CD Covers + Logos + Videos:

    Add direct link to DL all the 125 games Images stuff (Cover + Logo) + Videos.
    It take me some time to record games videos, i can't found around the web ;)!LcMB3IpR!ZUQxRnBMndIL1aFx8OoL7A!LMcGFAJa

    This is fantastic! Thank you!

  • @darknior

    I can't believe it's been 7 months since you've posted about this work man. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with. Can't wait to get to some of these other systems and use your stuff one day. :)

  • @used2berx Thanks a lot ;)
    I have finished Wonderswan B&W set with remaster of all the Media, All the AMIGA CD32 Media, A part o f AMIGA 1200 and Wonderswan Color Media. Finalised my 3DO Stuff too .... i always work a lot on RVGM :p
    And now i also working here on the forum with others to OpenBOR and Hypseus (Daphne).

  • @darknior Sorry to reply to such an old post, but was your work continued elsewhere? It's difficult to find any decent looking pce-cd art. Like the japanese covers for Exile1,2, valis 1,2,3,4 and tons more.

  • @Darksavior If i remember fine i've all finished and working on some other set difficult to find.

    Exile (USA).jpg

    Exile II - Wicked Phenomenon (USA).jpg

    No Valis 1

    Valis II (USA).jpg

    Valis III (USA).jpg

    Valis IV (Japan).jpg

    I play games in english i will not release Japanese cover. I made some for translated games on other systemes like NES SNES Genesis because i don't like to have two same cover and i want one for game US version and an other for my French version.
    I already have so many tons of covers to create :(

  • @darknior I replace awful US game covers like valis 3 and Exile with the japanese covers whenever possible. I got my Exile 1-2 japanese covers from ebay listings I think.

    I'm in the middle of editing a ton for other consoles that I got from the cover project but they don't offer much for the japanese versions of sfc, pce-cd, and mega-cd. They've also butchered US tg16, and ps1 with their customized "segacd" sized covers.

    Ah, oh well, thanks for the reply. I'll keep using google. I do have to resize and downsample the covers from the cover project. Pegasus can tolerate higher res pictures better than ES but too many still slow it down and the 3000x res increases loading times way too much.

    This is my setup with a slightly modified theme by just fooling around editing the stock Pegasus theme. I still have to figure out how to place the metadata text. Might go back to 5 covers per row. I really love the Switch NES menu and this is good enough:

  • @Darksavior Yes i know, no one have Japanese covers :(
    I must draw many of them for many systems ... and i'm alone ...

    Your menu is beautiful, i don't try for the moment, is ti working really fine now ?
    With all the same options than ES ?
    Sort options ?
    I remember reading it is harder to skin than ES ?


  • @darknior I'm still in the middle of modifying it without knowing a thing about it. All I've done is edit some files the dev told me to modify to get my results. He has his own page here if you need help but here's the documentation to everything

    Pegasus is still in alpha. It has no scraping or config controls to work in games. You'll have to do that in ES first and then Pegasus will use it. No sorting. Box art will overlap if they are all not the exact size. If you want the fancy game logos, you'll have to use another scraper that can get logos and rename them to what Pegasus wants. Screenshots can be replaced with video but it's been a while since I've tried them. Some videos had trouble playing and some would freeze everything. Maybe that got fixed, I don't know. As soon as I found out I could remove the left side completely, I got a bit obsessed in tailoring it to the way I want to see it.

    Be aware that if you use higher res box art that Pegasus can handle (for genesis/megadrive, I downsampled~3000x art to 1000x730), ES will struggle and you'll get a slight pause in between each picture. Scrapers seem to use very low res art.

    If you download the cover project's collection, it will be missing a ton.
    Luckily, I found has high res box art for sega stuff including mega-cd.

    This is how it normally looks:

  • @Darksavior Thanks for all your explanation, i will try that ;)

  • @darknior Thanks for these. I notice that you didn't have the Ranma ½ - Ni Bun no Ichi logo in your mega link. Do you happen to have that somewhere?

  • @mccorkled Ranma 1-2 - Datou, Ganso Musabetsu Kakutou-Ryuu! (Japan) is the only one i made if i rememrber fine, i'm not paying with the other game.

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