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GPU Scaling for pixel perfect picture

  • I have a samsung syncmaster T220(1680x1050) monitor, this monitor scales the input(not the aspect ratio) to "full screen". So I have no black bars up and down but only right and left. I would like to have small black bars up and down, so that I have exactly 4x the resolution of the SNES(256x240) so 1024x960 which would result in two black bars of 45 pixels. In windows I can select my nvidia card to scale on the gpu and get the black bars but in retropie I don't know how to do this.

    So how can I get the raspberry pi to scale on the gpu and send this picture to the monitor.

  • Okey I found the solution:

    By holding the menu button I could disable the scaling mode, why samsung couldn't build a menu function for that....

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