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A way to choose where "all/last played/favorites" appear in the emulationstation menu?

  • I love the new collection features, but it seems the "all/last played/favorites" systems automatically get added to the left of the first system in es_systems.cfg.

    I'm using TMNTturtlguy's comic book theme, and I'd like my systems to be in order by maker and date (ex: master system, genesis, nes, snes, n64, psx etc) but have the default one be "snes", since it's the one I'm using the most.

    So in es_systems.cfg I placed snes first, then n64 and psx, and at the end of the file I put master system, genesis and nes, so I got everything perfectly set up: All in order but starting at snes.

    Now, with the addition of "all/last played/favorites", those 3 gets placed automatically before the 1st system in es_systems.cfg, so it ends up looking:
    like this: "master system, genesis, nes, all, last played, favorites, snes (default), n64, psx"
    But I'd rather have that: "master system, genesis, nes, snes (default), n64, psx, all, last played, favorites"

    Is there a way to either say where "all/last played/favorites" appear or a way to say which system should be selected by default when starting emulation station?


  • @erayman I suppose what you're looking for is really the latter, rather than the former -- the reason you're bringing up the question of "where you want them to appear" is just because you're sorting the systems in a way to reflect an order you want, but also to start in a specific system while keeping the all/favorites/last played at the end of the order you want :)

    Alas, there isn't one way to do it and still leverage the collections as they stand. I suppose the closest you can get to is, as you mentioned, to sort them the way you want but you won't be able to start on the SNES.

    Those systems are indeed added as the last ones in the system carousel as they are meant to be quick access indexes for all the system.

    Sorry for that.

  • @pjft Thanks for your input! I guess I'll have to rethink my order strategy then :) At least now I know that I can stop looking for a magic solution now hehehe.
    Have a great day!

  • @erayman Not a bother, and I'm sorry that that is the answer. :|

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