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Audio Issues for Ir-Snes9x.

  • Hi I'm just making this post since for those who use Ir-Snes9x you may experience audio issues. You see last night I was playing Super Mario RPG and I was getting distorted audio as well as popping noise. When I switched back to Ir-Snes9x2010 it went back to clear audio as well as for 2005 Snes9x too. Megaman X3 was also giving some audio issues too, but going back to Snes9x 2010 fixed it.

    I don't know if a topic like this was created yet. But if not just letting users know that the latest Snes9x may cause audio issues with certain Snes games.

  • Lr-snes9x is more accurate and uses more resources than lr-snes9x2010. The pi may not be able to keep up with a more accurate emulator. The popping is just the emulation pausing for a split second waiting for the cpu to keep up. To our ears is sounds like a crackle. So even if it’s delaying a frame or 2 which may not be notable to our eyes, our ears can hear the delay. Stay with snes9x2010 as it runs most games fine.

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