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  • Hello. I am turning my Pi 3 into a Nintendo switch portable console. I have all the parts but I’m thinking of adding wii and da to it. Although it’s abviously going to lag a lot. Is there a way I can install a Externa GPU into it? I have a 1080 Ti just I need a way to make it work properly.


  • @djjujuvi You'll never get Wii games to run on a Pi. "da" I'm guessing is Nintendo DS, this runs well using the DraStic emulator from the experimental section.
    You won't be able to integrate an external GPU, it's simply not possible.

  • It's possible in general computing. I don't know if the Pi can utilize it though, at least not without some special coding. You'd also need a gpu case and an external power supply for the GPU since the pi wouldnt be able to power it. eGPUS ( external GPUs) are becoming super popular nowadays but the pre-built setups/cases are crazy expensive and they dont even include the card.

  • Alright, thank you both for your responses. I'm going to keep looking and I will try to make it work. I'll post back if I found anything.

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