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[Idea] Music Player in ES

  • So, I know there are a few scripts out there to get some BGM on your ES. This idea I have is not about that -- well, not ONLY about that.

    It would be pretty awesome if we had a proper, even if simplistic, music player in ES. One that could be configured to start properly when ES starts running (in a more resource-efficient manner than the available BGM scripts), that is context sensitive (knows natively when to stop and start playing), that could be controlled with the designated controller (I.e.: LT goes back, RT goes forwards, etc), that could broadcast information about the current song somewhere based on ID3 tags or xml-defined variables (probably on the main menu, before selecting a system, near the edge of the screen, not unlike an MTV MV), whose graphical output could be themed (to match ES themes) and, most importantly, that could be configured INSIDE ES (or, worst case scenario, using RetroPie a Setup).

    If anyone ever used the SNes9xTYL emulator in PSP, you'd know EXACTLY what I'm aiming at. My "end idea" here is using that music player with game songs, not only for a thematic BGM playlist (that can already be achieved). With the proposed visual output, you could gather from WHICH game that song is from, and that might hit a nostalgic nerve and make you want to play said game. That is always nice when you're not really sure about what you want to play. Of course, you could put any kind of music there, and being able to skip songs and stop playback is always a good idea.

    Seeing as I don't have any programming skills whatsoever, I thought I could contribute the idea here. I must say that I find it an intriguing prospect, however, so I could take it as a pet project and run with it -- if I had any idea where to start, specially regarding making this kind of modification to the ES. What do you guys think?

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