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No sound - Pi3 - Advmame 3.5 but fine in 1.4

  • I wonder if someone here can help me out.

    I have Retropie running with a Picade HAT in a little bartop cab I've built.

    I get game sound for AdvanceMame .94, 1.4 but sadly, not for 3.5. Fine in all other emulators also.

    I've checked the .rc files for each, not much difference I can see.

    Does 3.5 handle sound any differently to 1.4? As the Picade amp probably tricks the Pi into thinking its on-board amp is PCM. Maybe 3.5 doesn't like that due to a setting.

    In the TAB GUI, under Audio, I can see sounds playing in the equaliser, but no actual sound. I tried a few changes in the Audio settings, just to see if it kick starts it (I read someone fixed this with changes to the equaliser settings?)

    Anyway, no joy at the moment. :)

    All help much appreciated

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