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  • So I was creating some custom collections. The first 5 went ok..I added on average 20 games for each collection. Then I made another one, but after writing the name of the collection, I got a segmentation fault. I turned the power off and on and 2 other custom collections I made during the last session were gone.
    I haven't read any similar reports so maybe it's my sd card, causing this issue? I haven't tried to replicate it. The sd card is an almost new (properly formatted) Sandisk ultra 32 gb card. I store my roms/bios/save states on a 132 gb Sandisk ultra flash drive

    I decided to only use one custom collection (Street Fighter) and everything seems to be ok. But I'm a bit wary of replacing my backed up build with this current one.

    I started with a premade 4.2 image from the site and updated it a few weeks ago to 4.3.5.
    System: Pi 3B
    Power supply : 2.5A original
    USB devices connected: Dual shock 4, Logitech mouse, Microsoft keyboard, Sandisk 132 gb ultra flash drive (class 10)

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