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Any Nebraska Fans???

  • So this one absolutely PAINS me to make... It tasted like poison every time I worked on it. But my sales rep (im the engineer) treats me well and we are a good duo (not ace and gary). He deserves it. Hes a die hard husker.
    Every cabinet I make, gets better.. I tweak a few processes and they always end up better. Still refining...
    1_1515705145211_image2.jpg 0_1515705145211_image1.jpg

  • @dunginhawk These are pretty classy. Nebraska aside, I like how the acrylic lets the surrounding decor show thorugh. It can be made to look nice on any bartop because it is transparent!

    What do you think your costs are on one of these all-in with parts, no labor? Then, how many hours to you spend building it? Then, how much time to you spend tweaking the software? Heh, that part never ends for me.

    With all of the time, effort and materials, I think this is a princely gift!

  • Thats exactly the problem :) total costs, all in are about $450. Which isnt terrible, considering its a 100$ (nearly) display, 90$ trackball, plus the rest.

    Cutting doesnt take too long, just set it and walk away.
    Software is the same on all of them I make... I create my image than read the img and just re apply it each time. Since I dont sell them and Im just helping friends, I dont think there is a problem with legal.

    Once I stop making tweaks and can just sit down and rock it out, i think I can build one in a few hours, but even that is worth a lot of time. Id have to ask 700$ to make anything on em, and with all the wooden ones out there (cheaper) i dont know if there is a market.

  • @dunginhawk said in Any Nebraska Fans???:

    Every cabinet I make, gets better.. I tweak a few processes and they always end up better. Still refining...

    I want one now. Is this dedicated for golden tee, or multiple games?

  • @dunginhawk Thanks. I totally get it. The costs really add up. My roadcase build is a pretty penny if I ever wanted to get my $ out of it. Even with estate sale finds like a $10 LCD, by the time you add a trackball, and in my case, two spinners, four sticks, 35 buttons, LEDs, IPAC4, audio, mausberry etc. etc. . . people are amazed when I tell them it is well worth a couple thousand.

    How are you handling the controls? GPIO? Some kit or a USB controller? What about safe shutdown? Any scripts running or power button extras?

  • @sgtjimmyrustles I also make a mini one without a trackball, and a smaller screen.. but after i did that friends wanted one with a ball, so i enlarged it, changed the layout etc.. I just thought it was kind of unique to use clear acrylic. really didnt see anyone else doing it.

  • @caver01 USB controller is easiest and it works just fine.. not doing anything for safe shutdown. Apparently i should be? haha

  • @dunginhawk Here is a good video for this:

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