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combo controller touchpad - bug controller

  • Hello, first of all thanks for the great job (and sorry for my english)

    I made 2 retropie SD card.
    The first for SNES, NES, megadrive, MAME ... etc using only PS3 controller and everything works well.

    The second ony for old computers AMIGA and Amstrad.
    So i follow a guide to install Amiberry with WHDLOAD support and UAE config maker.

    I've got some problems:
    1/I connect a combo keyboard touchpad (with a USB dnongle). It seems that emulationstation try to configure it as a gamepad at every launch. I can use it as a mouse and keyboard, but it seems it creates some bug with controller.
    2/On caprice32, i don't know how to configure the input so the PS3 controller is the default controler and m minikeyboard only use for keyboard.
    3/I dont know how to exit CAP32. when i use F+ (i dont remember the number) i can move the mouse but i cannot click anywhere.
    4/ It seems that CAP32 wait the minikeyboard as the controller...

    5/With the AMIGA, i have to configure everytime amyberry as nub as mouse on port0 and PS33 controller on port1. Is it possible to set is as a default.
    I use WHDload, so the UAE config was done but it seems that when i save a new UAE config, the input isnt saved.

    6/About amiga format : is it possible to put a adf or a lha in amiga-data and then create an uae config with uae maker? It s the format i have for all my games... I dont find the format with a folder and many files (disk1.. disk2 slave... etc)

    Thanks and sorry if i didnt explain well.

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