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Retropie Blinkt! LED Project


    A little explanation on this.

    I used a Blinkt! LED board that clips onto the Pi3 to change colors depending on what system is running. so it boots to a white light, then changes colors depending on the game played. the break down is as follows




    GBA= Orange

    N64= Red, Green, Yellow, Blue (logo colors)

    SG-1000= Blue

    SG 32=Aqua

    Sega CD=greenish blue

    PS1= Yellow

    it was a fun project to get my feet wet in coding. it will be short lived as I have a Unicorn Hat HD coming soon :)

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    @topher_csr neat! I imagine this just plugs into the GPIO? A lot cheaper than the sense hat, maybe I'll work my way up to it.

    I've got a load of chinese RGB led spools but not the most conducive for control with the pi with my setup. I also got a 3dxmas led tree from the pihut that was pretty fun but I ran into roadblocks trying to figure out merging the alsa driver with the GPIO for a Vu meter

    If you haven't already you should post your code on GitHub or something, I may try this out myself one day if/when I find motivation

  • it is super affordable and plugs right into the GPIO! The kit is this one, but i got it at Microcenter for the same price. Would have loved to buy it from them, but shipping was a lot from the UK.

    I have never put anything on github, but used it a lot, i did not think it would be that useful, but i will look into it!

  • I have a question,
    could you manage to get a GPIO output to toggle from high to low or vice versa when something happens in the game? are there any methods to detect if gameover or highscore happens?
    I ask because I have RGB mood lighting on my cabinet, and would love to make it flash and strobe etc if you die or get a highscore etc.

    I understand that detecting an emulator starting and detecting what happens inside the emulator are two different things, but you dont get if you dont ask :)

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