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Emulation Station for Raspbian Fails to Complete Compile at 100%

  • Tried this to no avail. Installed gcc-4.9 g++-4.9 in addition to the other dependencies listed in the guide. Changed line cmake -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=g++-4.7 . to cmake -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=g++-4.9 . instead, still doesn't work.

    Pi Model or other hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi3) Model B Quad-Core 1.2 GHz 1 GB RAM
    Power Supply used: 5v 2.5A
    RetroPie Version Used: N/A
    Built From: Raspbian 4.9 Stretch with Desktop, 2017-11-29
    USB Devices connected: 1 - iPazzPort Wireless Mini Keyboard with Touchpad for Android TV Box and Raspberry Pi 3 and HTPC KP-810-21S
    Controller used: Not connected now as it doesn't compile, but XBOX 360 Wired controller
    Error messages received: Multiple in LXTerminal, see logs listed below
    Guide used: EmulationStation: Installing on Raspberry Pi Stand-alone
    Attachment of config files: Log 1 - Part 1 / Log 1 - Part 2
    How to replicate the problem: Using script, part 01 and part 02 which is based off of the guide listed above.

    In the script, I commented out the sudo reboot line so I could observe all the output. I don't know why it refuses to compile! Much frustration, I hope someone has some insight on how to do this. I've dug through the forums and read all sorts of things, with no success. I'm hoping someone can make better sense of it than I can. I've got a second log that's fully copied from start to end of the script part 02, however PasteBin is under heavy load and won't let me post it there for the time being. So if it's needed, I made it as a PDF and placed it in dropbox.

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    @bluestrings The instructions you linked are a bit outdated and RetroPie uses a forked version of Emulationstation that has a lot of improvements over the original version.
    What version of ES are you trying to compile ? I guess you don't want to install RetroPie, since it's not supported (yet) on Stretch - is that correct ?

  • @mitu Ah, that's good to know. As far as version, I'm literally just following the guide. I'm not doing any specific version, but from what I gathered of the guide it's the most recent (unstable) version.

    As far as not installing RetroPie is concerned, yes that is correct. Part of the reason for that is my assumption that the guide I mentioned earlier worked, and I would rather avoid reinstalling the operating system to the microSD card. One is because I have it set up to be a server for a drawing program called drawpile and the other is because a friend is interested in this script I was making would probably not be so keen to reinstall the operating system either on his Pi. I'm aware from my Google searches that I can install the desktop environment to RetroPi and I suppose it is possible to run the Drawpile server in the background through systemd, but it is not something I've tested yet. Here's the script I made for Drawpile in case anyone is interested.

    However, given what you've said I may have to end up doing that anyway, unless you have any further insight. I also updated the line of my first post with the results of trying g++-4.9 which did not work. It should also be said that I'm still fairly new to Linux. I did some stuff with it back around 2010-2012 probably, forgot most of it, and then dived in headlong as of August 2017. So there's a lot I've learned since beginning to script and work with Linux. I'm sorry if I miss something obvious, but it's not for lack of trying on my part I believe (and hope).

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    @bluestrings You can install the RetroPie Emulationstation fork, but what's the end game ? ES is just a frontend for the games/roms/emulators, if you don't install the emulators then is just a fancy game/folder browser.

    If you want to install it, then follow the instructions from

  • @mitu Oh I'm aware it's just a front end, I've tried doing RetroPie for my brother in law as a Christmas gift (which I got working easily enough).

    And I didn't think to try Github's instructions, I guess I just assumed the main page would work. Tired and ready for bed. Thanks, I'll give it a shot later.

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