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C64 Roms...organizing and best practices?

  • Hello all,

    I'm taking the next step in building my ROM collection by trying to get a romset for the C64. I am sooooo confused. And, my googling on this one has been fruitless. So, hopefully someone here has something.

    First off, I looked for no-intro sets, because I've already observed some of the roms I had had intros from some loser jerks who think I cared about what their lame intro said. Anyway, I found 3 different sets. One was named tapes (okay), and the other one was (PP). I learned I should probably disregard the (PP) because those are copied 1:1 including protection...or am I wrong about that?

    Anyway, drilling around these files is very confusing. Some end in (program), some are dupes where one ends in (Budget), some end in (MAX), some end with an *.a0 extension, even though the Vice wiki doesn't list that as a supported extension.

    I can't find any XML file to help me trim this set down a bit, or even better make a 1G1R set.

    This is all so confusing. Is there a page somewhere that I didn't find that explains all this stuff, and gives me the info I need to make sense of this all and get it organized in to one nice clean romset?

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