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RetroPie 4.3.17 Stretch images

  • @buzz I can not find the network with the network too , i use winscp

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    @mikozzz that's not enough information for me to go on. Can you see the internet from the RPI ? Did you enable SSH ? How is your RPI connected?

  • @buzz ^^ not much slept sorry obviously

  • The .15 image boots up fine for me.

    No, i can't see my wifi networks straight away (i have both 2.4 and 5.0).

    Found the setting to set Wifi Country (Canada for me). Pi asked for reboot, which i did. Now i can see both 2.4 and 5.0 networks. That got me an IP so i assume all is well.


    I also set Pi name and password before looking at the wifi stuff.
    Wifi indeed works as it can find RPie Setup Script and a couple of themes.


    Based on a quick test with N64 Rogue Squadron, the music is still pretty scratchy and the game sluggish as usual. However, N64 Mario Kart seems better on both counts than I recall.

    Finally, I can't seem to get my Mac Transmit app to connect. I can browse it in the Finder just fine, though I always found Transmit gets me to a higher (root?) starting point. I can still connect via Finder or Transmit with my old Pi fine. Yes I've enabled SSH. Transmit settings are identical for the two devices, except for the IP address, which I've set aside for each device in my router.

    Oh well, enough for now :)

  • No real -need- for me to update, and I'd normally be in that camp... though having the opportunity to grab one on release day, not at all going more than 5 mins out of my way, was just too easy to pass up :)

  • So I was under the impression that one could just take the microSD card out of a Pi3B and put it into a Pi3B+ and it would work. From reading this thread that sounds like very much not the case?

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    @alturis I don't have a new model available, but leaving aside the new hardware support, it should work - as in it would boot up and the OS would run.
    EDIT: seems I'm wrong, it won't work, so the Stretch image is the way to go.

  • @mitu @Alturis I would want to believe that that's the case, but some reports online suggest otherwise.

    I have received mine, just haven't had the chance to open them and plug them in, though I'll hopefully try during the weekend or so.

    Would love to hear some reports from others who might have received theirs.

  • @pjft

    I can confirm that a "lift and drop" of your existing Pi3 sd card will not work. It will just display the "rainbow screen" and a voltage warning indicator. I've just tested it now....

    Edit: the image I tested though was a non-updated 4.3 image. So running a full update may yield better results!

    Using the 4.3.15 Stretch image, all looks good to me (so far). For WiFi you'll need to configure the location in Raspi-Config.

  • @tashman Thank you for the report.

    Indeed I was also greeted by the rainbow screen.

    I wonder if I try an update and see how it fares, or if I go straight to the new image. Might do the latter.

  • @tashman yeah i didn't bother to try it

  • what happens when you run an update from a Beta version?

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    i made a compatibility layer for the 3b+ to run on debian jessie 8 / retropie 4.3 :-P but im opened to teamwork with retropie devs to mainstream the fix in retropie updates.

    removed by admin

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    @push28 keep your warez to yourself.

  • @push28 what was the fix and why was it removed by admin?

    God everyone in the world is becoming a bunch of pansies. Oooooooh you can't do that... ooooohh you shouldn't be doing this.

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    @auswear it's a video showcasing a third party build which is against the forum rules.

    Last I checked your name wasn't on the project so of course you aren't concerned, but as for me I'd prefer to avoid the lawyers and those that continue to condone besmirching the project with their pirated garbage

  • @push28 Why would anyone want to fix anything for jessie unless you're some noob pirate that knows enough to only run 3rd party images that are...all on jessie. Everyone's moving on to stretch.

  • @BuZz Hi thanks for the new image, on the version of 16th March I was able to port my setup to Stretch with the B+ and all is working notably: ES w/ PSX + kodi + the desktop (although could not find the desktop in the menu from the script so had to install manually) + paired to official PS3 contoller.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  • I got the B+ today and am about to start testing the beta image.
    Is there a way to carry over my roms and scrapes or do I need to do that manually again?

  • @dirthurts

    Should be a good start. Do share your experiences there as you go through it.

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