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Joystick help for a linux noob please!

  • Hi guys - I'm hoping someone can help me, but please assume I know two-thirds of bugger all about linux, and you'll be pretty bang on!

    I recently acquired a Pandoras Box knockoff thinking it would be an ideal starting point for a retro build (as I could upgrade the sticks and buttons later) but have run into problems. The original box had a SBC (which has been ripped out in disgust!) and a separate USB controller card (woohoo!) - so I have replaced the SBC with a Pi3, linked up the controller card, and installed RetroPie.

    The controller card is recognised as a Nationz USB Gamepad (fair enough), and through fumbling around through guides, I managed to get vendor and device details, and added the following to the cmdline.txt file:-


    which did successfully change the system to recognise the controller card as 2 gamepads - so far, so good. But now I'm way over my head!

    The issue is that the -ve axes (ie. up and left) on the joysticks are not recognised, whilst everything else seems to work okay. Trying the controller card in Windoze works perfectly, and for a giggle, I also tried using Recalbox (which I'm not a fan of!) and the joysticks worked spot on in that too (after the same addition to the cmdline file).

    I know this is a big ask, but is anyone able to advise as to exactly what I need to do, and more importantly, how to do it (in very simple terms!) to get these joysticks working under RetroPie? Any help with this would be very much appreciated, so huge thanks in advance.

  • I think I have now resolved this issue - for anyone else who has suffered from similar woes, I quit out of Emulation Station and did

    sudo rpi-update

    to update the firmware. Now the left and up axes seem to be recognised properly - watch this space to see if I have other problems! (I'll bet good money that I do lol)

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