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Just started a build of a wooden handheld retropie machine... brass bullet buttons...

  • @clyde ... gets my vote mate! ... looking forward to seeing your pictures!! - I do love real ale and have an affinity for JD - sometimes with coke! - Thanks for watching and your thoughts on the new build of the handheld games console are also welcome... all input is useful and leads to a better build!!

  • @bobharris ... super cool, I’ll have a look final Fantasy and probably use it to model the unit in photographs... maybe run a video of it.... thanks for your input! :). You get my vote! H

  • @clyde cheeky show off my progress moment... apologies for self promotion... but, it’s getting laughs and ... serious making of a wooden handheld console! ...

  • @dubiousengineer Being not a handyman at all myself, I'm impressed of the work you're putting into this nice "little" project. And videos like yours show me that even more practised builders make mistakes, but don't let themselves get down by them. :)

    By the way, I put one of the sidearts on my cab last weekend, the second is planned for this Sunday, because I'm going to medieval festivals today and tomorrow. o/ᵁ ᵁ\o

  • @clyde ... supercool! ... no bubbles I hope! ... I’m from UK and lived for six years in Chicago... Bristol renaissance fair was sooo much fun! ... take your time over your build, don’t rush, rushing and tiredness causes mistakes... I’ve been tucked up with flu for a few days, so no real progress this end, but will get something done soon! ... have fun!

    I did buy these to test... not really RetroPie stuff though

  • @dubiousengineer No bubbles and no dust particles to speak of, \o/ only some minor glitches around the edges because I wrap the foil around them with the help of a dryer. Thanks for the advice, I learned the "zen way" of building early on, before I could make significant mistakes. That's why I waited until the Easter holidays and my vacation this week. Of course, I still make mistakes and erroneous decisions I would do differently in retrospect, but patience and thoroughness keep them at a minimum. FAIL = First Attempt In Learning (or forth, fifth, fourteenth, fiftieth …)

    I may finish my cab this weekend if only the LED buttons arrive in time. Although the parcel delivery sent me an e-mail that they did deposit it at a local store, but it wasn't there. :( I filed a complaint and I hope it will be delivered today. Sometimes, we suffer from others' mistakes instead of our own (ordering this late was mine after all), but I try not to be annoyed by them, but do other things in the meantime, in this case the plain black bezel, the marquee's illumination, laundry, and house cleaning. :)

    I hope you get well soon and that you can get back to your project.

  • @clyde said in Just started a build of a wooden handheld retropie machine... brass bullet buttons...:

    @dubiousengineer No bubbles and no dust particles to speak of

    Besides care and cleanliness, praises can be sung about special car foil with a network of tiny air channels in the glue that make bubbles nearly impossible or easy to squeeze out subsequently. :D

  • @dubiousengineer I second the don’t rush part...

    Me rushing is why my build came out looking ugly and needing paint to hide the patchwork

  • @clyde said in Just started a build of a wooden handheld retropie machine... brass bullet buttons...:

    I may finish my cab this weekend if only the LED buttons arrive in time.

    They did today and I'm happy. :D

    @Drakaen391 You have my sympathies.

  • @clyde Brilliant... the frustration of the postal system! - GOING POSTAL! ... still a sick boy, tail end... Made some good progress tonight, should be wiring the console bullet buttons in place shortly, then we can give it a test... theres a big red missile switch to be fitted to it... this is going to be a beast when done!!

  • @drakaen391 ... would like to see your build... Talking of shoddy builds... in the mean time, here is an 18 min video of me building a bartop... if you have time or inclination, you may see how shoddily i slammed this together!

  • @clyde Great news they arrived!

  • @dubiousengineer I managed to "finish" it last weekend \o/ – i.e. as finished as a toy train setup never really is, but its definitely presentable. I just need the free time to open a thread about it. Stay tuned. :)

    Brilliant... the frustration of the postal system! - GOING POSTAL!

    Yeah … and other little obstacles like one of the 14 buttons not lighting up. :/ Fortunately, a friend of mine could solder its broken soldering joint. \o/ I really should take one of the many soldering courses at the hacker conventions I visit quite regularly.

    Looking forward to watching your video!

  • @clyde magnificent work Clyde! ... I hope you have many hours of fun playing yours... it looks so much more professional than mine!

  • @dubiousengineer Thanks, I very much appreciate that. 😊 But don't be fooled about its apparent professionalism, the pictures' resolution isn't high enough to show the many little flaws and compromises I had to make. E.g. I couldn't avoid small wrinkles in the foil at the sharp outer corners – but they're not so bad that I have to cover them with the usual moulding.

    I don't want to enter a "you certainly did a better job than me, sir" argument, but nevertheless, you put much more actual craftsmanship into your build, whereas I used a DIY kit, even if a "raw" one without artwork and electronics. But okay, in the light of my very limited crafting abilities I do take the liberty to be a little bit happy and proud about the outcome. 😌

    Watching your last video made me admire your work … again. You don't seem to have one of those big workshops with buzz saws etc. that many prominent arcade builders have, yet you make the best of your tools and materials. I also liked how you improvised after drilling an oversized hole (man, I had the sincerest sympathies watching it). I have only one gripe about your videos: stop drinking tasty-looking beer! It always makes me thirst for my own. 😄

    edit: I forgot a word. sigh

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