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Jumping up volume randomly while video

  • Since I scraped for videos, I do experience a strange problem. Sometimes while I browse the games with video preview, the sound gets temporary very high. It gets normal if I change to different preview and back. While this is not a real problem, it is just annoying. I think this happens, If I scroll a bit faster or jump suddenly to and back from a game. This is definetely a problem in Retropie, but I don't know which part of it, maybe Emulation Station itself. I tested this with HDMI audio and with 3.5mm audio jack output. I am using Retropie 4 on a Raspberry 3. It should be all the newest version and I experience this since weeks, even after updates.

    Is this problem known? What can I do? I am currently not at home, but if I am, I can give and information needed to analyse it, if someone know what I can do.

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    @thelostsoul Most likely some videos have different audio levels and switching from one to another makes the audio level difference noticeable.

  • @mitu no its not that. It suddenly goes extremly high and if i switch back, it have different normal volume and it happens only randomly. Let me try to explaon it this way:

    Game A
    Game B
    Game C

    Say I select Game A. Then I fastly scroll down to Game C and Game C preview volume is very loud. I quickly switch to Game B and back to Game C, then Game C have normal volume.

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    If it's a modern television, make sure any post processing features are turned off. It could be that the various audio volumes of the videos are triggering it to normalize the levels in an erratic way. Many televisions have a 'Game Mode', but this setting sometimes only affects video post processing.

  • @mediamogul No, i tested it with HDMI through a modern gaming monitor with 165 Hz and tested it with two different external audio setups through 3.5mm jack (plus tested it with another monitor without integratd audio, so it can't be amy triggering through monitor).

  • I still have this issue. Have anybody else an idea what this could cause?

  • @thelostsoul Just an update, even if it doesn't help anyone. I just want tell this problem is gone and I have no idea what I have done. I just noticed it, since last weeks I don't experience the jump in audio volume anymore. As I tried a lot of different things in the meantime, I cannot say what exactly solved my problem; so, sorry for this. But if someone else ever stumbles upon this and have or had similar problem, I would be curious to find out what it is/was.

    Since several days, I use a HDMI to VGA converter to play on a crt pc monitor and use the audio from it, instead of 3.5mm audio jack. I am not sure if this solved this or something else before it, because I don't remember this problem occurring for a longer period of time. I just wanted mention it for future reference, if it comes back.

  • @thelostsoul I don't use scraped videos, but another theory is that decoders got updated and possibly fixed that problem. I use the pegasus frontend and when I tried videos on it many months ago, I had to install a few codecs to get decoding to work and even then, I sometimes got garbled video.

  • @darksavior Everything is possible, but strangely is, nobody else experienced this. I wonder, if i use an older backup image where it occured, if it still occures. I may test it someday and if I do, i will report here. Until then, I run around with a big question mark above my head.

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