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Overlays for different systems that use the same core

  • Hi all.
    Something I have never really bothered with is shades and overlays but after having a little look at them and trying them out I've decided I really like them :)
    So currently I have all cores with crt-pi curvature as this matches the overlays I use and look the closest I remember them being as a kid.
    So I have gone through setting them up for each core and hit a problem.
    On my pi I have some master system, mega drive, Sega 32x and mega CD games which all use the same core so for example I cannot select a master system overlay as that then sets the same master system overlay for all the other Sega systems when I choose save core overides.
    Is there a way around this or have I got to save game overrides for each and every game (there is to many for this lol)
    Thanks in advance.

  • Global Moderator

    @robmcc83 Use the configuration file for each system to set the overlay - see to get an overview of how each system's config. This way the overlay will be applied per-system and not per-core.

  • Bingo :)
    That's what I was looking for.
    Cheers dude I'll have a look into that tomorrow see what I can do.

  • @mitu
    Have you managed to get a separate shader for mastersystem and gamegear? I've tried to code a different shader in to the config file for gamegear, but it doesn't work.
    All my other systems work perfectly fine with coded shaders though :s

  • I don't have any handheld console systems on my pi that's hooked up to my tv so wouldnt know, sorry.
    That's my next project on my list with these pi,s a handheld pi with only handheld games :).

  • @xvo If you are using a RetroArch core, you can set the individual shader settings in the RetroPie menu options under "Configuration Editor". Choose "Configure basic libretro emulator options". Then choose the desired system core, make sure shaders are enabled, and then select the desired shader file. This can be changed per system and really adds a lot to the final look of the systems.

    Full description available here:

  • @chuckyp
    Thanks, I will give it a try ;)

  • I too also have another question.
    How would I set a shader to a core that isn't libretro.
    I would also like to add a shader for vice c64.


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    @robmcc83 Only if it's supported by the emulator - but it doesn't seem so.
    There is a libretro core for Vice (C64 emulator - port of VICE for libretro) in the experimental packages section, you could try and install it.

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