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Scraped Carbon Theme Examples?

  • Hello,

    Does anyone have any advice for making the standard Carbon theme look its best with scraping? A friend of mine noticed the major differences how other themes display the various art files/video snaps differently than Carbon. What sources do you like best?

  • So, I have been playing with Carbon and Universal XML scraper. I have been able to get a video snap for just about every game with the exception of a couple ROM-hacks that I am making my own snaps for. I have marquees added in the top corner for arcade games which looks pretty cool. I'll post a screenshot of my scraped Carbon theme.

    Another question I have is about accessing the gamelist.xml files via WinSCP to manually change the metadata. I have a couple of ROMs that have no metadata out there to be scraped so I have to enter it all in myself. I used the EmulationStation menu for the ROMs metadata where I can enter everything in. I entered a few things about the game and added a video snap I created. But when I went into gamelist.xml for SNES, I did not see an entry for the game I manually added metadata to within EmulationStation. Does EmulationStation store this elsewhere?

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    @greenhawk84 said in Scraped Carbon Theme Examples?:

    Does EmulationStation store this elsewhere?

    No, it's only in the gamelist.xml file. Make sure you shutdown ES when editing the file so ES does not overwrite it on shutdown/start. Are you sure you kept the XML structure correct ? Note that if the rom file does not exist, ES will not show it.

  • @mitu so one of the games I am working on is NBA Jam 2K17 (romhack) for SNES. I am pretty sure when I manually entered metadata and set the path to the videosnap in the ES menu, it saved when I restarted. I'll double check today that when I turn my arcade cab on that it still has the NBA 2K17 data I entered.

    When I went into the gamelist.xml for SNES I searched "NBA" and "2K17" but it did not come up with the location of the code. I scrolled with my eyes and did not see an entry. What I am trying to do is copy and paste a game description paragraph into the gamelist.xml.

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    @greenhawk84 I'm mostly talking about editing the file itself, as long as you edit the metadata through the ES editor that's fine. Post the gamelist file on if you don't find the culprit , so we can have a look.

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