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ControlBlock feature suggestion: SNES EJECT button support

  • Currently I'm working on my second RaspberryPi/RetropPie inside a SNES case project. When I started my first project was at the time when support for the SNES reset button was added to the ControlBlock SNES gamepad driver. I really liked that feature as it provides a convenient to exit a running game, especially helpful for casual games who resist to learn hotkeys to do so. I always had the idea to also make use of the SNES eject button. In my setup I'd like the reset button to restart the currently running game (Select+B) and the eject button exit the game (Select+Start).

    Long story short: is there any chance that this is integrated into the ControlBlock SNES driver? Or is there already a generic way to configured custom keys/switches connected to the ControlBlock?

    In case you are curios how I will get the eject button to work: I'm working on a custom PCB, inspired by jackal123uk's PCB projects he presented in this post. From my previous project I have a left over reset switch which will be placed beneath the eject button. I will create a post about it once it leaves draft status.

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    That sounds like an interesting idea!

    It should be quite easy to add that to the ControlBlock driver. I have added that feature request to the Github site at

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    I have just pushed an update for the ControlBlock driver. You can now connect a button to P2, "A": Pressing that button will lead to a simulated press of Start + B, as well as a keyboard button press of "F1".

    Does this work for you?

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