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Best metadata editor

  • Hi all, I'm just wondering what people are using nowadays as their metadata editor. I use RetropieMetadataEditor ( I really like how this package works, but is appears to have been abandoned and not all systems are supported. Are there any other packages out there that compete with this?


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    @evert Try Webtropie, a web interface to RetroPie that you can use from your PC.

  • Depending on your file extension of your games, you can trick the metadata editor you've mentioned to support more systems. Just make a copy of the folder you want to edit and rename it to a supported system. But like I said, you might have to change your extensions firsts and do a search/replace in the gamelist.xml afterwards to change it back to the default extension. I've done that before for amiga and scummvm games.

    Although I have to agree with @mitu that Webtropie is pretty neat and I've used that after I completely rescraped my games to fix small things.

  • @mitu , thanks mate, exactly what I was looking for.

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