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  • Guys,

    I have been working with a group of people to get RetroPie working on the ASUS TInker Board. I have noticed some packages are missing from the setup script like Kodi and DosBox. I am wondering if there like a master script where they are disabled?

    I want to try to re-enable them so that I can try building out. We have really good luck with a lot of other packages, and if I can see why DosBox is failing, ie Vulkan or some other issue. Maybe we can get it working.

    FYI, I know DosBox works if you install an X Manager and install with apt-get, so I want to see why it not working with RetroPie.

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    @terrorpup Dosbox should work without an X server, but it might not work on the Tinkerbox. Kodi is not built from source in RetroPie, it gets installed apt-getfrom a .deb package repository.

    To answer your actual question - each package has a certain number of flags which enable/disable it for certain platforms.
    For instance, let's take Kodi's script at It has

    rp_module_flags=""!mali !osmc !xbian !kms"

    which means that it's not available (!) for systems which have the these flags attached.
    Now, the system is running is detected at runtime and gets a number of flags attached to it (__platform_flags). You can find the system detection in the script. You can run the script with debugging to see what platform flags are attached to it and how does it influence the package selection in the RetroPie Setup script.
    EDIT: Here is the link to the Tinker's platform flags.

  • @mitu Thank for that info. I did remove the !kms and it build with no errors, but I get this when I try to run dosbox

    DOSBox version 0.74
    Copyright 2002-2010 DOSBox Team, published under GNU GPL.

    Exit to error: Can't init SDL Unable to open mouse

    So it's a start...

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