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  • I am new to the world of retropie and never did any coding of any kind in my life.
    I like most got the Raspberry Pi 3+ Canakit online for sole purpose to play retro games

    But I constantly see youtube videos or blogs addressing various fixes by writing a line of code it seems.

    example I would like to find coding that I can simply copy and paste into a specific folder that will be the configuration to use my N64 usb controller I purchased so that it works properly with games like 007 GE or Mario Kart 64.

    So is there anywhere I can go that will have pre-written coding I can simply copy and paste into my SD card for retropie and it'll give me configurations automatically or various other things I will need.

    Thanks you in advance and apologies I tried searching for an existing forum topic but couldnt if it exists please let me know.

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    What you're describing as coding is merely editing text configuration files to set options understood by the emulators. A whole lot of this configuration is handled under the hood automatically by the RetroPie setup scripts, so you don't necessarily have to edit anything.
    For instructions on how to configure your controller, there's a whole section in the Documentation about them, but most of the time plugging it in and configuring it in Emulationstation will be enough to get your started.

  • @mitu Yeah thats what I meant sorry , the problem with my N64 controller is Emulationstation doesn't have the button schemes to go with it (no Z button, yellow buttons up,down,left,right) so if I am playing a game like 007 GE and using the original control schemes for that game I end up not being able to do certain functions like shooting unless I assign it to the Z button but then I lose another function.

    I had seen on a few forums people having to manually configure the N64 controller and hoped that anyone who has done so, has it written out and I can simply copy and paste it into the Config txt file.

  • @mcsteve

    Assuming your controller has enough buttons to support all of the N64 buttons, all of those buttons are available by default if you configured all of the buttons on your controller during the initial gamepad detection. If you need to reconfigure it I recommend resetting your controller configuration in the Retropie system menu->Retropie Setup so that it prompts you again.

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