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Multiple controllers USB and Bluetooth - 2 x DragonRise Inc and 2 x 8Bitdo NES30

  • Hi all,

    I have searched the forums and couldn't find the answer to my query. The closest was this link, so apologies if I have missed something.

    I have 4 controllers connected to my Pi3, as title.

    I have ordered the controllers:-
    Player 1- DragonRise
    Player 2- DragonRise
    Player 3- 8Bitdo
    Player 4- 8Bitdo

    My question is; how do I make the 8Bitdo controllers Player 1 and 2 respectively when loading the PSX/N64 emulators only?

    Many thanks

  • Global Moderator

    Use @meleu's joystick selections script, it allows you to choose the (player) order of the joysticks per core/system. But if you're DragonRise controllers are always USB connected, they'll probably always be js0 and js1, so I guess you can use the RetroArch gui and choose that player1/2 and joysticks on 3rd and 4th position and save the the core remapping.
    For N64 though, I think you'll need to edit the configuration file explicitly if you're using the standalone Mupen64 - more details are in the docs for the emulator.

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