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Do you include PlayerChoice-10 and VS. System games?

  • @mediamogul said in Do you include PlayerChoice-10 and VS. System games?:

    @clewis said in Do you include PlayerChoice-10 and VS. System games?:

    VS games are different in a lot of ways

    My favorite example is always the ability to shoot the snickering dog during the unique bonus stages of 'Vs. Duck Hunt'.

    Exactly! lol

    Vs. Balloon Fight scrolls vertically and there is a fish in the water that eats you. Not sure if the NES version has the fish.

    Vs. Tetris has a coop mode that I'm not sure exists in the NES version.

    I would just include every VS game knowing they are superior to the NES versions.

  • I always include the nes PlayChoice10 rom because it saves me a lot of space having one rom instead of 10 😊

    But seriously, I include things like that because I grew up roller skating at the local Rollerdome and playing the arcade games with my friends so there is a lot of nostalgia there. They even had special arcade nights where they'd put all the machines on free for an hour(maybe two). Those were the nights where you finally had the chance to beat that game you never could beat. Or just get angry that even on free mode NARC's final boss was still impossible to beat.

  • @clewis @mediamogul
    Thank you for the link. Maybe you are right, just include them all. Especially because I play the Arcade games with my Arcade Stick and console games with gamepad. So this would be another factor. And those are Nintendo games, so another plus. But I will read the differences and try them out for curiosity. I believe the settings of VS. System games are better suited for highscore play, isn't it?

    @ TheDataCereal
    To me personally, space isn't the issue. NES roms doesn't take too much space. 64gb with cd games too. :D I even prefer single versions over collections, as I can include every single game in my custom collections for different genres. But I would add PlayerChoice-10 versions, if they were different like VS. System.

  • @thelostsoul I was teasing about the space :) My post wasn't complete, I keep having browser issues with the forum on my Pixel 2. I include them for nostalgia purposes.

  • @thedatacereal Yeah I understand that nostalgia aspect. Thats why I include a lot of games, even if I have better versions already or just want play them with different gamepad setup. In case of PlayerChoice I never played them on arcade (in Germany Arcades was 18+ and there was almost none), but on console. And if they are the same as console, then there is not much reason for me to include them. But I absolutely understand you, if you grow up with it. :-)

    Some games for VS. System are changed to work with two monitors, in example Tennis. Are those games still working correctly with a single monitor? And is multiplayer option possible with single monitor?

  • @thelostsoul

    The dual monitor games can display on a single monitor, or extended to a second monitor. These are the best:

    Vs. Wrecking Crew
    Vs. Balloon Fight
    Vs. Tennis

  • @thelostsoul you would probably need to do network play to play 2 players on two different systems. The vs boards had sockets for two rom sets on the motherboard so you had both players on seperate screens or you had two different games completely.

  • @edmaul69

    I extended to two screens on PC, but never tried on the pi. The rom can be played for sure where both screens are shown on one. Then you could just run duplicate monitors. I could not get net play to work with dual screen Vs. games. YMMV

  • @clewis I'm not really interested into multi-monitor setup on my pi. But having Balloon Fight as Split-Screen makes it really different to play. My only little problem is, I have a relatively small crt connected to it, so the objects gets a bit small here. Here is the list of VS. System games I included on Mame2003. Its not the full list of games available for VS., but the one I choice. In example no Duck Hunt, as I don't own light gun yet and it wasn't nicely playable with my Arcade Stick. And some games unfortunately didn't work or are marked as non working in the compatibility list from RetroPie Docs. I almost deleted VS. Gradius and VS. Dr. Mario, as they are more or less the exact same games on the NES. But sorry, it's not alphabetically sorted.

    • balonfgt - Vs. Balloon Fight
    • cluclu - Vs. Clu Clu Land
    • drmario - Vs. Dr. Mario
    • excitebk - Vs. Excitebike
    • iceclimb - Vs. Ice Climber
    • machridr - Vs. Mach Rider (Endurance Course Version)
    • vspinbal - Vs. Pinball
    • vsslalom - Vs. Slalom
    • vssoccer - Vs. Soccer
    • smgolf - Vs. Stroke and Match Golf (Men Version)
    • suprmrio - Vs. Super Mario Bros.
    • vstennis - Vs. Tennis
    • wrecking - Vs. Wrecking Crew
    • btlecity - Vs. Battle City
    • mightybj - Vs. Mighty Bomb Jack (Japan)
    • cstlevna - Vs. Castlevania
    • goonies - Vs. The Goonies
    • vsgradus - Vs. Gradius
    • topgun - Vs. Top Gun
    • platoon - Vs. Platoon
    • bnglngby - Vs. Raid on Bungeling Bay (Japan)
    • vstetris - Vs. Tetris

  • Nice! These are also great games if they are marked working:

    jajamaru - Vs. Ninja Jajamaru Kun (Japan)
    starlstr - Vs. Star Luster
    vsskykid - Vs. Super SkyKid
    rbibb - Vs. Atari R.B.I. Baseball

  • This is the list I am talking about: lr-mame2003 Compatibility List

    @clewis said in Do you include PlayerChoice-10 and VS. System games?:

    Nice! These are also great games if they are marked working:

    jajamaru - Vs. Ninja Jajamaru Kun (Japan)
    starlstr - Vs. Star Luster
    vsskykid - Vs. Super SkyKid
    rbibb - Vs. Atari R.B.I. Baseball

    Each of those games are listed as "not tested".
    I live in Germany and was never interested in Baseball, but I heard it is a good game for what it is. Its not popular over here. But the other titles looks quite interesting, especially Ninja Jajamaru Kun. I will have a look into them. Thanks for the suggestion. Edit: Tested them. They are working.

    Btw, while searching YouTube, i found some info on SkyKid. Namco made the Arcade version of SkyKid named Super SkyKid for the VS. System and Sunsoft ported it over to the NES, naming it SkyKid. Is that correct? I always thought all VS. Arcade games are just ports from the original NES games. I was wrong!

  • @clewis yes. Unfortunately the pi doesnt have a way to do two monitors and the dual screen on mame is terrible. If you have a vertical screen then the dual screen would be ok. But on a horizontal screen it sucks bad.

  • @thelostsoul have you tried playing the vs games in .nes form on the nes emulators? Some of the incompatible one might work on those. I cant remember which ones worked or didnt work. I just remember vs wrecking crew didnt work on either emulator for me.

  • @thelostsoul

    The ninja game is awesome. You can ride a giant frog. I'm not sure about the versions of SkyKid, but it is wicked fun with 2 players.

  • @edmaul69 All games I wanted in my list did work, so Wrecking Crew. It works for both, Mame2003 and the NES version. You should try this again.

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